The Bhagwat Geeta the eternal Perpetuator of  the Divine Energy- Series

Abstract 1-

VISHWAROOP of Shri Krishna- An Effulgent All-pervasive energy


अथवा बहुनैतेन किं ज्ञातेन तवार्जुन |
विष्टभ्याहमिदं कृत्स्नमेकांशेन स्थितो जगत् || 42||

atha vā bahunaitena kiātena tavārjuna
vihabhyāham ida kitsnam ekānśhena sthito jagat

“What need is there for all this detailed knowledge, O Arjun? Simply know that by one fraction of my being, I pervade and support this entire creation.”


pādo ’sya viśhwā bhūtāni tripādasyāmita divi (Puruh Sūktam Mantra 3)[v32]


“This temporary world made from the material energy is but one part of the Supreme Divine Personality. The other three parts are his eternal abodes that are beyond the phenomenon of life and death.”

Lord Krishna shows Arjuna his personal, Infinite Cosmos form by gifting him Divine vision which could withstand his intimidating and overwhelming majestic opulence in the form of Vishwaroop darshan.  The Vishwaroop is the manifold comprising all the universes without the one forming oneness with the manifold.  That one is Arjun, in oneness with the manifold legs, arms, faces, and bodies unlimited by one’s consciousness system. It is one of the Being, with no beginning or end, enjoying immeasurability in all directions as everyone’s goal for being who everyone truly is.  It radiates the conscious energy of a thousand suns. Arjuna saw infinite objects taking shelter in the Infinite Cosmos.   He saw all the great warriors swindling their way into the open mouth just as the rivers flow into the ocean.

Seeing a shaken Arjuna, The Supreme Lord said:

कालोऽस्मि लोकक्षयकृत्प्रवृद्धो
लोकान्समाहर्तुमिह प्रवृत्त: |
ऋतेऽपि त्वां न भविष्यन्ति सर्वे
येऽवस्थिता: प्रत्यनीकेषु योधा:

“I am mighty Time, the source of destruction that comes forth to annihilate the worlds. Even without your participation, the warriors arrayed in the opposing army shall cease to exist”

Bhagwat Geeta has historically been the most researched book.

Dr. Gupta in his exemplary work Project Vipin has detailed, quantified, and proved the relevance of the Vishwaroop, the Manifold, in our lives.

In his book- IS DIVINE ENERGY- Dr. Gupta says in section 2.2.3-

Within and without the subjective transformation, energy works as a transformation dimension. Infinite objects, within and without the subjective transformation of the primordial tritagonist subject, constitute an antagonist creation. Infinite objects manifest the wholesome energy value of the infinite protagonist creators.

A “transformation dimension” (Parivartan dharma, 56) is the “animate body” (Sharira, 56) form of one’s “conscious energy” (Varuna, 1000) without the one experiencing the “transformation” (Parivartan, 999).  The transformation is the transcriptional machinery, transcribing the one into the manifold through six operators: multiplication, division, subtraction, addition, servicing, and trading.  The one experiences the Manifold without oneself, when oneself is in oneness with the “God” (Ishvara, 5), letting the six operators multiply oneself.    The multiplication becomes “unlimited” (Aseemita, 1010) when it is beyond the natural “limit” (Seema, 8) of one’s “consciousness system” (Sara Kalpa, 1010).  That God is not “Lord Krishna” (Shri Krishan, 10), but the “perpetuating value” (Saranyu, 5), the visible half of Lord Krishna.  The invisible half of Lord Krishna is the “entropy value” (Sarvanasha, 5) Arjuna experiences within himself after becoming self-aware of the “immeasurability” (Aseemta, 9) of “Lord Krishna” (Shri Krishna, 10 = 9 + 1) without the one, the person Arjuna is.


Lord Krishna says that all souls are a part of the “Infinite Cosmos” (Yajna, 9,000,000,000) formed by multiplying his immeasurability with the conscious energy of Arjuna as the primordial tritagonist subject, He as the antagonist creation, and the Manifold as the infinite protagonist creators.

The soul is our consciousness.  All the souls together constitute our “consciousness system” (Sara Kalpa, 1010).    We limit our consciousness system with our “essential nature” (Svabhav, 8), the visible half of the “essence” (Rab, 16) Mother Nature gifts us for “Being” (Nitya, 126,000,000) who we are.  We are the self-same oneness of the “Almighty Creator” (Hrishikesh, 26), who creates the six-unit growth by multiplying the two without us, dividing and transforming our “essential nature” (Svabhav, 8).   The two without us is the “universe” (Brahman, 2) we conceive for enjoying our transformation into the “creature factor” (Jiva, 2).  The Almighty Creator transforms our 1000-unit conscious energy into his 100-unit reproductive energy to let the one, i.e., us, unite with Lord Krishna’s immeasurability and be “Lord Krishna” (Shri Krishna, 10).

Dr. Gupta clarifies that the consciousness system is the astrological system.   The Almighty Creator is the council of nine planets, known as Navgraha.  Each one of us has the power to transform our essence into a “Manifold” (Vishvaroop, 1810) by aligning our essential nature with “Lord Krishna” (Shri Krishna, 10).   That transforms the one worthy, the “primordial tritagonist subject” (Dravya, 1) into a “divisive” (Khalanayaka, 11) eleven, the “antagonist creation” (Khalanyaka, 11), dividing and reproducing the one worthy of Being the Manifold.   The Manifold divides into the “infinite protagonist creators” (Sharmika, -6) by materializing the “potential” (AUM, 18) within our “essence” (Saar, 16).

Now, if we do not wish to align with Lord Krishna because he is masculine, Mother Nature offers us an option to align with our “primordial feminine self” (Parvati, 10), known as Parvati.   If we do not wish to align with our primordial masculine self or the primordial feminine self because we have given them names that are a part of the Hindu religion, Mother Nature offers us the option to align with our “joyful” (Hasa, 10) nature, our “family” (Parivar, 10), our “actions” (Karma, 10), or what other cultures refer as Sophia, Tianhou, and Malchut.   The key is not to let our consciousness system limit us from being who we are, so that we can get rid of the ideological barriers and be the essence that transcends those barriers.

Our “soul” (Atma, 4) transforms our “actions” (Karma, 10) into the “infinite protagonist creators” (Shramika, -6) by catalyzing an “infinity of wishers” (Artharthi, -6) wishing to enjoy the fruit of our actions.  The birth and rebirth cycle lets us experience that infinity of wishers within us, as our actions in each birth are not in alignment with our beliefs and our beliefs are not in alignment with the conscious determination of the “universe” (Brahman, 2) we wish to enjoy.

Dr, Gupta says- By accounting for the transformative time factor (e.g.., the history or the past life) of the infinity of protagonist creators, a creature manifests the alternative, wholesome value of the primordial, the primeval, and the param energies.

Lord Krishna in his Viraat Swaroop is the “Primordial Primeval Illuminator, (Arcisa, 128)”. Dr. Gupta says, the “brilliant” (Viraat, 128 = 16 * 8) form is the octave multiplication of our “essence” (Saar, 16) as the “protagonist creator” (Putra, 16).    It forms when we consciously multiply the “correlation” (Porutham, 16) we have as Mother Nature’s son with our “essential gender-differentiated nature” (Svabhav, 8).

The protagonist Creator here is Madhusudan, the sixteen-dimensional form of Shri Krishna.  Dr. Gupta states, “The protagonist creator is the primordial greeter, conscious of the wholesome formative dimension of the primordial energy. Primordial Greeter is the “inner witness” (Antaryami, 16) within each tritagonist subject.”

Here we are talking about is Krishna’s Viraat Swaroop enlightening both Arjuna and his soul to see the possibility beyond the present reality. In Dr. Gupta’s words- He (primordial primeval illuminator) conceives the “possibility” (Hariti, 128 = 8 * 16) of the wavelength potentiation of the “protagonist creator” (Putra, 16) in the form of an illusionary “cosmic child” (Arcisa, 128) octave multiplying his potentiating “psychic energy” (Paratpara, 16).

The acts of creating and illumination, as Dr. Gupta says- “involve the conscious application of the formative energy for a determined purpose.”  Through his brilliant Viraat Swaroop of the Vishvaroop, as the gender and form-free child of Mother Nature, Lord Krishna instills confidence and clarity of purpose into Arjuna and his soul.  The determined purpose here was to clear the love for the kins that was making Arjuna weak by deprecating in his conscious, i.e., sentient value.

As we read the book, IS DIVINE ENERGY, we realize clarity about the essence of our religious beliefs and ancient wisdom in modern scientific parlance.  Dr. Gupta seamlessly and very convincingly explains them and allocates specific values to them.

Grab your copy today!!!!! and embark on a spiritual journey with me.

-Ranjula Jain

July 25,2021

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