Leader- the Divine Intervention, from a follower’s perspective

An insight from IS DIVINE ENERGY-By Dr. Vipin Gupta


Dr. Gupta in his revolutionary research work Project VIPIN says “The reality appears to be “unknown reality” (Vastavikta, 7) before it is manifested. It illuminates as the “knowable reality” (Vastavikta, 7) once it is manifested. It produces an illusion of the limitless immanent value of one’s divinity for one not conscious of the reality”

In our current topic of discussion here, we will interpret the unknown reality as the issues and problems which have been surmounted like never before and badly plague the corporates, businesses, and all other working and non-working sectors today. History shows that During all inexplicably difficult and testing times, the World has always witnessed the rise of a Hero, a leader with seemingly divine powers with an army of devoted followers which works as an accomplice to manifest the vision of the leader by translating it into easier and attainable goals for the masses, thus gradually scaling down the problems and relieving the world of the miseries caused by them.

Do we often wonder why there are only a few leaders and a herd of followers? Why do becomings a leader doesn’t come as naturally as being a follower does? Are leaders really Divine beings with supernatural powers or Is it an immanent quality we are all born with but very few nurture and define in reality?

While reading the book –IS DIVINE ENERGY, I was captivated by the many references to the term leader and leadership in an explanation based on our Indian Vedic wisdom, which we are yet to understand the way it was intended to by our great Saints. I am sharing here what I could comprehend to find answers to the above-mentioned queries which still intrigue our minds today as they did centuries back.

The reality appears to be “unknown reality” (Vastavikta, 7) before it is manifested. It illuminates as the “knowable reality” (Vastavikta, 7) once it is manifested. It produces an illusion of the limitless immanent value of one’s divinity for one not conscious of the reality”- Dr. Vipin Gupta.

The ‘unknown reality” here, I understand as the problem-ridden reality of today’s world. The transformation from the unknown to the illuminated known reality could be manifested by a person who appears to be equipped with divine wisdom and execution powers, whom in common parlance we call a ‘Leader’.

For example, when Arjun got, disillusioned by his love for his kith and kin, in the battlefield of MAHABHARATA, and the reality appeared daunting for him so much that he put his weapons down, Shri Krishna emancipated him from this disillusion and guided him to an Illuminated reality that nothing in the world is permanent and he should focus on his ‘Karma’ or action to reach to his desired goal. Arjun became his devoted follower and followed the path shown by him to salvage humanity from miseries. This is a perfect example of the power of A Great Leader Krishna did not raise the weapon himself even once but kept the morale of his follower so high that he could bring down the most powerful of his rivals by his bravery and determination. Great leaders approach their work in a way that is a combination of tough-mindedness on standards and tender-heartedness with people. They are experts at doing both; they deftly marry the “head” and the “heart.” Masterfully, they simultaneously prioritize people and performance — and do so in a way that is humble, brave, and authentic to who they really are. Self-awareness, Holism, and Compassion are the most outstanding attributes of a great leader. How does a leader form these qualities or are they are immanent? What transpires behind the scene during the making of a leader?

We will try to understand it with the help of the insight Dr. Vipin Gupta has provided in his book –Is Divine Energy.

Self-awareness- how does it emanate in a leader?

According to Dr. Gupta, an entity has both Masculine and Feminine dimensions to it. The entity descends the self-conscious masculinity element and ascends the self-aware femininity element-oriented toward the universal well-being, in oneness with Mother Nature.”

The entity’s extrinsic or ‘worldly face (Kendron Mukha, 2) is its “animate, masculine self” (Indra, 0), conscious about the self and the self’s SHEENY well-being”. 

The ascending feminine consciousness leads to a constant up-gradation “in intrinsic consciousness of the self-development”. This strategic awareness leads to “one begins imagining the self as the “blessed” (Pushpadanta, 18).”

This awareness of being blessed releases power in the entity, that empowers it to create a reality of its own choice. And this is what a leader does, he with his elevated consciousness is able to transform his desired reality into a real one.

Dr. Gupta has very methodically simplified it for us. He says- “The blessed is one with the power to spontaneously traverse the path from the “inanimate nature of the present reality” (Vyaktitva, 1) to the “animate nature of the desired future reality” (Anatanam, 8), without the mediation of the self’s past reality”


Holism- this refers to the quality of the leader to be able to see a pattern of relationships and having a sense of belonging to the people and the place. For example, Swami Vivekananda won the hearts at the Chicago conference when he opened his speech with “ my Dear American Brothers and Sisters”. That immediately connected the dots within the large gathering.

We first understand what Dr. Gupta says about being Holistic.

Dr. Gupta says-The holistic value of the Doer is the primeval element constituting the Doer. The transformative “Doer Energy” (Karta Shakti, 3), as the “method power” (Upaya, 3) for manifesting one’s holistic value over the three-dimensional time = 1 + 1 + 1 = 3”

The Doer becomes a leader once he combines the quality of self-awareness with Holism. The “divine energy” (Asrava shakti, 10)” in the entity helps in transcending the limits of “technological growth”, “(Vidhana, 2) and realizing the ecosystem value parity in the “institutional benefit” (Vayavaya, 12 = 2 + 10 = 2 * 6).”  This leads to the perpetuation of the entity’s divine energy as a unit of “holistic value” (Ardhajya, 10), immanent within the entity’s ecosystem”. Thus the Holism becomes immanent in a leader.

Compassion- this refers to the feeling of empathy and identifying other’s happiness and sorrow as one self’s. This is a trait that we find in many great leaders who had massive follower following as they made them feel that the leader knows how they feel and survive atrocities and miseries. For example, Mahatma Gandhi, who the world idolizes as a leader with a golden heart full of compassion even for the wrongdoers.

According to Dr. Gupta-A great Leader entity develops compassion as the para-natural value for saving the unknown para deity’s grace from being destroyed.” The efforts that he puts in ascending the Feminine dimension make him become more compassionate and empathetic. The Leader with his GUIDER POWER” has the potential to be “divine” (Divya, 360)— by planning the “time” (Kala, 360) that programs the “reality” (Vastavikta, 7)”

“The primordial Self’s conscious determination is the effect of the Self’s “guider power” (Guru, 100), Which “ manifests the Self’s gravitational quality. The energy value of the Divine energy is ten. The whole reality of the Self manifests in the ten directions. The energy value of the Guider power is 100. The wholesome reality of the Self manifests in the ten intrinsic and the ten extrinsic directions. The value of the Self’s sentient energy is 1000.”

We can now understand why the power of a great Leader is so magnetic that it drives the followers into a deep-rooted relationship full of awe and reverence for the leader and this devotion keeps their spirits high during any time of difficulties they may face, as they have the absolute GUIDER power to look up to.

-Ranjula Jain

August 2, 2021

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