Dr Vipin Gupta

Professor & Co-Director, Center for Global Management

Academic Credentials

Professor Vipin Gupta has a Masters’ (1994) and a Ph.D. (1998) from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and was thereafter appointed a Post-Doctorate Research Associate (1999-2003). His Ph.D. dissertation is titled “A Dynamic Model of Technological Growth: Diffusion of Japanese Networks Overseas”. He has been a gold medalist for outstanding scholastic performance in the Post Graduate Program of the Indian Institute of Management – Ahmedabad (1990), a top rank holder in the B.Com. (Hons) Program of the Delhi University from Sri Ram College of Commerce (1988), an all-India prized rank holder at the graduate program of the Institute of Cost and Works Accountants of India (1988), and an all-India merit rank holder in the 12th class with the Central Board of Secondary Education in India (1985).

Professional Credentials

Dr. Vipin Gupta is Professor of Management, and Co-director of the Center for Global Management, at the Jack H. Brown College of Business and Public Administration, of California State University San Bernardino since 2010 Professor Vipin Gupta served as the Director of the MBA Program (2013-15) and Associate Dean (2013-17). He has been Roslyn Solomon Jaffe Chaired Professor of Strategy at Simmons College – Boston, USA (2005-10), and tenure-track faculty at Grand Valley State University (2003-2005) and Fordham University (1997-2003). While at Fordham, he founded Globe India Development Center: a virtual network of business schools all over India who are studying values, effectiveness, and change management styles of the CEOs in different states of India.

Professor Gupta has offered several training programs and workshops on strategic planning and cross-cultural management to senior executives, administrators, and defense personnel, and on research methods to the doctoral students and faculty in India and the US. He has been a visiting or guest faculty at more than thirty business schools in India, and served on the board of governors of many. His workshops and lectures have been covered by the several leading national and regional newspapers and television channels of India. He was the founding editor of IBAT Journal of Management in India, and a reviewer for many international journals and international conferences. He has also worked with the Michigan Small Business Technology Development Center (SBTDC) in outreach activities involving student team-led consulting to numerous small business clients. He has been a global academic advisor for Amity University, India.

As a 2015-16 American Council of Education Fellow, he worked with President Michael Crow and his leadership team at Arizona State University, Secretary-General Lesley Wilson and her team at European University Association, Brussels, Belgium, and President Tomas Morales and his leadership team at California State University San Bernardino. During that year, he also visited 62 universities, colleges and higher education institutions in nine European nations, USA and India, and interviewed and observed the leadership of the Presidents, Rectors and Vice Chancellors, and their senior team members.

Scholarly Credentials

Professor Gupta has authored more than 180 journal articles and book chapters, including in leading journals such as Journal of Business Venturing, Family Business Review, Research in Organizational Behavior, Asia-Pacific Journal of Management, Multinational Business Review, Journal of World Business, Advances in Global Leadership, and Management Review. Besides delivering lectures and keynotes in several nations, he has presented at international academic conferences in more than 60 nations, including Academy of Management, IFSAM, EGOS, Society of Industrial Organization Psychologists, Global Entrepreneurship Conference, and Family Enterprise Research Conference. He has been on the governing board and organizing committee of several international conferences. In 2017, he served as the academic program chair for the 52nd CLADEA Assembly. Here is his google citation page.


Dr. Gupta is the co-editor of the seminal GLOBE (Global Leadership and Organizational Behavior Effectiveness Program) book “Culture, Leadership and Organizations – The GLOBE Study of 62 societies” (Sage Publications, 2004). He is the principal investigator of the path-breaking CASE (Culturally-sensitive Assessment Systems and Education) Project on family businesses. He edited two critically acclaimed books on the theme of strategic management, performance, and leadership in the emerging markets: Creating Performing Organizations (Sage Publications, 2003) and Transformative Organizations (Sage Publications, 2004). He is the author of the Strategic Management and Business Policy: Concepts and Applications (PHI Learning, 2003 and 2005). He has been the principal editor of the ten books on the family business models in ten different regional clusters, and an eleventh book on the gender dimension of family business (ICFAI University Press, 2004). He has also co-authored a research manuscript MNC Subsidiaries in China: An empirical study of growth and development strategy (Information Age Publishing; 2015), and a textbook Leadership Across the Globe (Routledge USA, 2015).

Professor Gupta has been a recipient of the coveted 2005 Scott Myers Award for Applied Research in the Workplace from Society for Industrial Organization Psychologists, USA. He has been a Government of India’s Global Initiative of Academic Networks (GIAN) Visiting Professor at Central University of Rajasthan (2016), Family-owned Business Institute scholar (2004-05), a Japan Foundation fellow for a highly prestigious best dissertation proposal on Japan award (1994-95), a research scholar at the University of Tokyo – Japan (1994-95), a finalist in the worldwide United Nations competition on the Cultural Origins of Variations in Development (1995), and a Government of India National Talent Search Scholar (1984-90).

In 2021, Professor Gupta is publishing twelve self-authored books under project “Vastly Integrated Processes Inside Nature” (VIPIN), that integrate vast realms of ancient Indian wisdom and modern science and address major metaphysical gaps in both by illuminating the secret of natural essence and essential nature. He has been asked by many that how he got on this path. Here is what he says.

“I have accepted all of all ancient and derived Indian writings and international scientific works as my gurus and continue to learn from them, based on what they have experienced and communicated. The fundamental Indian philosophy is that a guru wishes his or her disciple to rise to a level of perfection above him or her. The perfection of the Almighty Creator is beyond what can be experienced. It can only be enjoyed as an enjoyer. The greater the perfection in enjoying the essential nature of the Almighty Creation, the greater the perfection in being an Almighty Creature who has the power to script the perfection perfectly. Perfect perfection as an enjoyer is the key to perfect knowing and articulation of the perfect knowledge that leads to that perfect knowing. And, it is only with the blessings of all the gurus, alive or not, objects or subjects, that one enjoys the fruits of their hard work as a sadhak and the power as a siddha to transcend beyond what they accomplished.”

Professor Gupta has mastered this method through many decades of practice and enjoyed the benefit of the digital age. Therefore, he goes beyond what is out there and known.


Degree Date Major Institution
Post-Doc Senior Fellow 1999-2002 Global Leadership and Organizational Behavior Effectiveness (GLOBE) Research Program Wharton (Universtiy of Pennsylvania)
Ph. D. 1998 Managerial Science and Applied Economics Wharton (Universtiy of Pennsylvania)
Research Fellow 1995 Business and Market Studies, Economics Department University of Tokyo, Japan
M. A. 1994 International Management Wharton (Universtiy of Pennsylvania)
M.B.A.(PGDM) 1990 Management (Post Graduate Diploma) Indian Institute of Management -Ahmedabad
B.Com. (Honors) 1988 Commerce (Economics) Shri Ram College of Commerce, Delhi University
Grad. CWA 1988 Cost Accounting Institute of Cost and Works Accountants of India

Title Institution Year of Service Professional status
Professor and Codirector, Center for Global Management The Jack. H. Brown College of Business and Public Administration, California State University – San Bernardino July 2010-Present Full-time faculty + Center co-leadership
Associate Dean – Innovation, Collaboration and Academic Programs The Jack H Brown College, California State University – San Bernardino July 2016-June 2017 Full-time Management Position Personnel (Post American Council of Education Fellowship)
Associate Dean and MBA Director College of Business and Public Administration, California State University – San Bernardino July 2013-2016 Full-time Management Position Personnel
Associate Professor, Roslyn Solomon Jaffe Chair Professor of Strategy School of Management, Simmons College- Boston July 2005-June 2010 Full-time faculty, with responsibility for leadership in the discipline through research
Director – International Outreach School of Management, Simmons College- Boston September 2006June 2010 Additional administrative responsibility
Assistant Professor Siedman School of Business, Grand Valley State University July 2003-June 2005 Promoted to Associate Rank in 2005
Assistant Professor Fordham University August 1997-June 2003 Additional administrative responsibility
Instructor The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania September 1992 December 1996 Ph.D. student


  • 2015-16 American Council of Education Fellow
  • 2013 Outstanding Faculty Researcher Award at the College of Business and Public Administration
  • 2005 M. Scott Meyers Award For Applied Research In The Workplace from the Society of Industrial Organization Psychologists
  • 1994-1995 one year best dissertation proposal award to visit Japan from Japan Foundation
  • Gold Medal for outstanding scholastic performance in the Post Graduate Program of the Indian Institute of Management – Ahmedabad