In Vedic wisdom of India, Sati and Parvati are two different names of the
mother Goddess Shakti, who is epitomised as the ultimate feminine
power of the universe and the creative force behind the Ultimate
Masculine force- Shiva.
The Goddess incarnated as Sati and Parvati at different times as the
divine consort of Lord Shiva. Both the incarnations had specific
purposes to solve and our Vedas are replete with stories of how these
two incarnations helped shape and create the Universe in different Kalpa
or Eons.
But who are Sati and Parvati? What makes them so revered and
powerful in the Vedic culture, and most importantly why is understanding
their essence is relevant to our understanding of our existence and our
Divine connotations.
Let’s explore it the way Dr.Gupta have magnificently presented to us
through their path-breaking work, in their book- What is self-awareness.

The primeval unified entity has both feminine and masculine elements
innate in it and when the entity plans to start the process of creation, it
conceives a two-faced entity, which has both a descending and
ascending faces, which are masculine and feminine respectively.

The ascending face is the Feminine one and the Descending face is the
Masculine one. Dr. Gupta say-“The ascending face within the entity

incarnates as a self-luminous grandmother entity. The descending
face transforms the entity into the self-luminous grandfather entity
living as the primordial consciousness, or the primordial soul,
known as Adhyatma”
The entities are strongly connected on the psychic level, the Param
Paternal and the Param maternal form the “Devotee Knower Paradigm”,
the one which we know and perceive as our universe. “They illuminate
the self-luminous grandfather entity as the formless Param Deity,
known as Shiva in India’s ancient wisdom.” And “The self-
luminous grandmother entity is known as Sati-Parvati, and the
essence is known as Rab in India’s ancient wisdom”
The Sati-Parvati is unified together and we know why? This is due to
them being the two different incarnations of the same power at different
times, thus they are invariably one. They together form a system. The
(Sati-Parvati, 16), the “ four body-system”, as Dr. Gupta calls it, carries
the 16 unit essence “wishing for the six-fold growth, comprising the
father, the mother, the son, the daughter, the grandson, and the
The divine planning process that goes on with the combined power of
(Sati-Parvati, 16) and “Shiva” is all around us, then why one can’t
perceive it? The reason is simple- One has to raise his consciousness
level to a very high level and at the same time rid oneself of the
discordant energies, to be able to achieve that clean aura to be able to
perceive the Sati-Parvati around us.
Here I will quote Dr. Gupta’s beautiful explanation that hits us exactly
where it should, our consciousness.
They say “It can be discovered only through the “clarified
consciousness” (Accha, 19) of one as the “astral body” (Linga
sharira, 3) radiating the “embodied present” (Param prapti, 16),
which is the “essence” (Rab, 16) one is and does not need to
discover. One only needs to channel one’s consciousness into
making reality self-luminous and let the consciousness unite with
the self-luminous element to manifest the wholeness of the
essence one is.”
What purpose does this four-body system serve? Why is Sati-Parvati so
important to our existence?

Dr. Gupta provides an explanation which is not only one of its unique
kinds but also something that will require our attention for a very very
long time to come. They say “The “technological element” (Sati-
Parvati, 16) produces the “energy” (Shakti, 19) within oneself to
manifest the essence-multiplying “param son” (Hanuman, 3 = 19 –
16) as the “param human son” (Kesari Nandan, 1600) with her
“guiding force” (Guru, 100).”
Simply it explains that the Power or “Shakti” that “Sati-Parvati” is as the
Primordial-Maternal Greeter, this is the power behind emanating the
“Param son, (Hanuman,3) in us.
Now the question arises what role does the “Param Son, (Hanuman, 3)
serves and why is it imperative for the performance of the (Sati-Parvati,
16), four –body system?
Dr.Gupta explains-“The param son trades the known “perpetuating
value” (Saranyu, 5) to “embody” (Kartikeya, 3 + 5) “Mother Nature”
(Kudrat, 8) as his “essential nature” (Svabhav, 8). Without revealing
his “divinity” (Siddhi, 57), he adds himself to everyone’s
“conscious consciousness” (Prashantatma, 16), radiating as
“energy” (Shakti, 19 = 3 + 16), multiplying his “impact” (Siddhi, 57 =
19 * 3), to let the “primordial self” (Parvati, 10) service a new
“cultural system” (Akalpa, 570 = 57 * 10).”
The param son or Hanuman is the Mother Nature’s perpetuating force
which is the one that facilitates the Shakti or energy in a person, to
ascend to a raised “Conscious consciousness” in us. Without this raised
conscious consciousness, there would be no channel for the
Technological force aka Sati-Parvati to perpetuate one’s consciousness
into a performing self-luminous reality. “A performing creation
perceives itself as the doer and its doer energy as the “essential
essence” (Hanuman, 3) of its performing.”
The Vedas say that the Shakti is the balancing factor of Lord Shiva’s
various moods like fury, creation and abstinence, we here realise that
Sati-Parvati, four-body system “is the “technological factor” (Sati-
Parvati, 16) that produces the restfulness state by descending the
past agitation and future worry.”
Without the power of the Param-Maternal Greeter force called Sati-
Parvati, one cannot ascend in consciousness and also cannot
perpetuate his ascended consciousness as a performing creation, if it’s

not for the “Shakti”, that we call with different names and now we know
So Let’s celebrate the woman’s power with a never before conviction, Dr.
Vipin Gupta’s way.

-Ranjula Jain

28 October, 21

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