Who is a Guru? Is Guru Divine or is it vice-versa?

Guru Brahma, Gurur Vishnu, Gurur Devo Maheshwarah

Guru Sakshat Para Brahma, Tasmai Shri Gurave Namaha


This Sanskrit shloka is can be translated as-

I salute the Guru (the teacher, mentor, or guide), who is the Brahma (the creator), the Vishnu (the creator), and Shiva (the destroyer). I bow before the Guru, who is the personification of the Trinity.

We find that in Indian Wisdom, the Guru, the teacher, mentor, and the spiritual guide, equivalent or even greater than The Almighty, the Divine Creator of the world, or GOD.

Why is that so and why since time immemorial in India we find people saying

“Guru Bina Gati Nahi” i.e one cannot reach salvation if he doesn’t have a Guru.

Even Indian Gods, in their human incarnations, had Gurus who they revered to the highest degree, thus exemplifying to the Humans that Guru is greater than even God. Have you ever wondered, why is this so? Why a Guru draws such exalted reverence, and we are not talking about the commercial Gurus we have, thronging our societies today. We here refer to the visionaries, the Gurus we had in the past, who manifested the true meaning and purpose of a Guru, in their preaching as well as their doings. For example- Ramakrishna Paramhans, Guru Vashishth, Swami Vivekananda, Guru Nanak Dev and the other nine Gurus of the Sikhs, and many more.

Dr. Gupta in his book IS DIVINE ENERGY, has given a very clear understanding of who a Guru is and what empowers a Guru to draw such a huge following and capable enough to make such a great impact in their lives. What is the divine energy working behind the entity that a Guru is and how does it work?

Let’s start with what Dr. Gupta has to say to define a Guru. Dr. Gupta starts by explaining that all entities can be divided into Paternal, maternal, and child Flames. Flames, because Dr. Gupta speaks about them as energies. The source of the flames/energy “is the absolute present value of the divine energy from a “luminous flame entity” (Kali, 96)”.

The divine purpose of the Luminous Flame entity is to fulfill the wishes of the humans. These wishes could be SHEENY or GUIDER in nature. The SHEENY wish is a “wish for the social, human, ecological, economic, national, and psychological well-being of an idealized self, enjoying absolute wellness”. This is more individualized in nature. On the other hand, a GUIDER wish is “the wish of a breeder, as a guider power, for propagating the theory of the proportionate SHEENY well-being of one’s devoted followers A guider breeder seeks a global, unique, inclusive, diverse, engaged, and responsible approach to each follower’s well-being to be a primeval deity of the followers of the universe.”. Thus this is more of a universal wish.

Now the Paternal flame that we mentioned earlier, services its divine effect by becoming a guider or a Guru with a GUIDER wish to empower the present children (child flames) to become self-sufficient, or deity-like. This will in turn draw a lot of reverence and followership for the Guru, from the children, for whom the GUIDER or Guru would be no less than the supreme divine entity. Under the influence of the Paternal GUIDER effect of the Guru, the children (followers) start to believe to have an omnipotent power to fulfill an infinity The Secret of the Limitless Immanent Value of wishes through the present value of the traded divine energy. This is precisely what a Guru does, it makes you spiritually stronger and this strength makes one feel empowered and one

credits this to his Guru. With the help of the Guru’s GUIDER effect, one realizes that “We can be the child primordial greeter through the necessary conscious effort and energy channeling, …, capable of self-fulfilling any goal without any mediating entity. This requires 100% cleansing of the accumulated trading-effect within our physical body.” Under the influence of the Guru’s guider values, the child/follower rids himself of the consciousness void (andhakara, 1019) and this wholly conscious self “descends the mental body’s pressure for ascending the potentially polluting oneness with the extrinsic “astral body” (Linga sharira, 3), seeking the desired reality.” This makes one feel energized, awakened, and empowered, and he feels that this has happened to him due to the powers of his GURU, which is now we understand is true but it’s not a one-way process as it seems to be, its both ways. A divine exchange and impact process.

I would now quote Dr. Gupta word by word here, which is self-explanatory and makes it clear to understand, why we look up to our Guru with the same devotion as God and become increasingly dependent on him for all our life issues. Dr. Gupta says– “Suppose we are not conscious of the sensible effort. In that case, we may make an entity who embodies that goal the Introduction 59 “guider” (Guru, 100) for our normative development into that goal. By activating ourselves as a goal, we ascend oneness with the guider element. Enjoying a clarified consciousness of the sensible proportionate worth of that guider element

Thus we now understand, the divine process that goes behind the cycle of utmost devotion and seeking, when one follows a true Guru. In the book, Dr. Gupta has given specific values to the entities and this is what sets the work apart and leaves us with convincing answers to the questions we have been seeking for long with an extra bonus of mind awakening content which will leave your mind thinking on a different frequency altogether. So grab a copy and embark on a new spiritual journey of our Ancient Vedic Wisdom. Wish you Great Reading!!!!.

-Ranjula Jain

August 3, 2021

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