In Hindu mythology, Satarupa means the ‘hundred beautiful form’. She is said to be the first woman created by Lord Brahma. Satarupa is the female portion of Brahma. Brahma after detaching himself from the property of anger, in the form of Rudra, converted himself into two persons, the first male, or the Manu Swayambhuva, and the first woman, or Satarupa. The concept of Satarupa is closely associated with the concept of creation on Earth according to the Vedas. Satarupa in Vedas is symbolic of the creation of multiple forms on Earth, and this is in line with the core belief and teaching of the Vedas that all living forms are a manifestation of the Supreme Lord or the ultimate Divine.

Among the many unique and never before heard or seen works on our Vedic wisdom, which since time immemorial has been used extensively by the West but never given its due credit, Dr. Vipin Gupta has taken the onus of bringing to light the multifaceted and multifunctional Inter-disciplinary implications and interpretations of our Vedic knowledge and re-establish the Ancient Indian wisdom, which has the power of taking care of each and every challenge facing the Humankind today, like never before. 

In their Book- What is Self-awareness, Dr. Gupta has wonderfully explained the concept of Satarupa, which is among the core basic concepts in Vedas, that talks about the advent of human life on Earth. Satarupa was simply understood as the Deity of life-creation. Dr. Gupta removes the superfluous dust lying on the concept of  Satarupa as just one Goddess and explains Satarupa as the Eightfold maternal growth of a divine-human being. Let’s see how?

Dr.Gupta explains that a cell has the potential to divide into an octave of cells and they in turn undergo their consecutive octave of cells. Here one must ponder as to how the created do or daughter cells, get the consciousness to do so? What role does the creator’s cell’s consciousness play in this autonomous process? Here is where the concept of SATARUPA comes into play.

Dr. Gupta defines (Satarupa, 8) as the divine eight-fold maternal growth of the cells through their division or what we call as MEIOSIS and MITOSIS. Meiosis we all know is the process of cell division that produces the sperm and the egg cells and mitosis produces identical cells on division. Both processes are essential for the growth of life on Earth.

 Dr.Gupta analyses and says “In reality, a cell divides into an additional four daughter cells through the process of mitosis, each of which reproduces themselves to form the four daughter cells through the process of meiosis.” Dr.Gupta estimates “The total “growth value of divinity” (Umapati, 958 = 4 * 4 * 60 – 2) of a Creator cell is 958.” This is the technical explanation of the eight-fold growth on a cellular basis but is the end of all of it. No? The implications of this expand beyond the normal understanding of the technicality. Let’s try to understand it the way Dr. Gupta puts it and how I interpret it, as per my understanding. I understand this cellular engineering as an analogy for personal growth, just as (SATARUPA, 8) in the Vedas also implies, personal growth is ultimately aimed at oneness with the creator, when Dr.Gupta says, “To divide “oneself” (Atmatva, 8 x 1015) into eight divisions, one must generate intrinsic heat by conceiving the “mass consciousness” (Satma, 10) of the eight divisions within the self”. This is a very profound statement and I find this full of so many divine interpretations. Just as (SATARUPA,8) is perceived a s the creator of life forms on the planet, the life inside of us has the potential of developing into so many different and enlightened life forms, ultimately the aim of which is the consciousness of the oneness with divine creator. Dr. Gupta draws another brilliant inference from his findings, which puts this awareness on a whole new level, say “The potential grandson cell inherits the plan for the “eight-fold growth” (Satarupa, 8) from the “grandson cell” (Pavamana, 9). The “son cell” (Manyu, 19) conceives the “grandson cell” for materializing the “mass consciousness” (Satma, 10) of the “organizational planning” (Shri Krishna, 10) within him as a “divine planner” (Shri Krishna, 10) using his “divine energy” (Divya Shakti, 10).” 

As per my understanding, I perceive this narration as the synopsis of the underlining teachings of Vedas that in our own consciousness lies the universe or the ultimate divine Energy. We as the children are the holders of the divine (Divya) that lies both in each body cell of our physical being and in our consciousness deep down, we just need to align it in line with the universe and we can enjoy the GUIDER power of being a Gravitational element gravitating the creature cell’s mass consciousness into its mass consciousness as a creation cell for sequencing eight divisions within itself as well.” 

Dr. Gupta saysOur “self-awareness” (Atma bodha, 30)is the “causal body” (Karana sharira, 30 = 18 + 12)of all that transforms our consciousness. It forms our energy, organizes our “potential” (AUM, 18 = 12 + 6), transforms our power to manage our “growth” (Khara, 6) as a “self-luminous entity” (Svayam, 12).” This self-luminous entity is the “I” which embodies the “essential nurturing nature of Mother Nature and Me” and this I could be anyone, yes anyone! The only condition is that you should have the desire to be “eight-fold growth” (Satarupa, 8) of my I, to incubate Me as the paternal cell in your maternal womb, and this makes Me, my reality, as first your child while in the womb and then as the father of your child. Dr.Gupta beautifully states“Your” (Shri Krishna, 10) reality includes a unit of I as a “person” (Vyakti, 1), a unit of potential you within me as my “inanimate nature” (Vyaktitva, 1), and an octave- Self-awareness of the Causative Reality 67 length womb-like “eight-fold maternal growth” (Satarupa, 8). The latter projects the “illusionary reflection” (Anatanam, 8) of my belief in your essential nature and brings your unknown reality into my consciousness by trading the energy of your conscious light.”

And the trading goes on!!!!! This is the science and spirituality behind the circle of life, which Dr.Gupta has so beautifully simplified for us to understand. This is the real power of the PROJECT VIPIN. A project par excellence to put our Vedic wisdom in the right perspective for us to follow and gain from.

So next time when you hear the name of Satarupa, the deity, you know what goes on behind the façade of names and illustrations, right? Don’t stop here, grab a copy of the book and draw your own interpretations from this ocean of wisdom, most beautifully narrated for us to be what we call SELF-AWARE.

So next time when you hear the name of Satarupa, the deity, you know what goes on behind the façade of names and illustrations, right? Don’t stop here, grab a copy of the book and draw your own

– Ranjula Jain

September 13, 2021

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