On hearing the word SVAROCHISHA, one recalls the
Manu named Svarochisha, who is considered as the first
man on the Earth, in his corresponding Eon. The
nomenclature is far more symbolic than we perceive. To
understand this, we need to first understand the actual
divine meaning of the word, and here I would talk about its
meaning as per the unique research work of Dr. Vipin
Gupta in his book- What is self-awareness- in which Dr.
Gupta has thrown light on understanding the symbolic
meaning and relevance of the word “Svarochisha”.
Let’s begin with Dr. Gupta’s explanation of Svarochisha-
Dr. Gupta distinguishes Rochisha and Svarochisha very
clearly when they say- “the luminous is the
“metaphysical experience” (Rochisha, 13) for each
individual, “self-luminous atomic entity—the micro
proton” (Svarochisha, 13).” SVAROCHISHA is the “self-
luminous element” present in all human beings, and the
onus of activating it and reaping the benefits of its powers
is entirely on us. This element is what differentiates the
(Suras, 0) from an (Insaan, 1).
Simply putting, all human beings are ‘Suras” i.e., just
following the tune of the universe but that does not qualify
them to be “Insaan’, i.e a good human being. The
difference between the two lies in his or her awakening of

the ‘self-luminous element’, Svarochisha, which gives us
an awakened soul to create our place and express our
uniqueness as a human being on Earth. When we
express our uniqueness, we naturally make others follow
the tune of the universe we shape. This is the reason
Mahendra Singh Dhoni has more followers than any of his
counterparts. He is the ‘rochisha’ leader, inciting
followership and reverence in others.
It’s not only about a leader or a follower, it is most
importantly about raising us to the level of being a
Let’s consider a simple story here-

There was an old man who lived a simple life in his humble hut far away in a
village in the hills. One night, a thief broke into his hut while the old man was
away. However, the old man owned very few possessions; thus, the thief was
disappointed to find that he had nothing to steal.
While the thief was still thinking, the old man returned home. Upon seeing the
thief in his house, he said, “You’ve walked so far to get here. I’d hate for you to
return home with nothing.” So, the old man happily gave all of his clothing and
food which was all he had, to the thief.
The thief was shocked, but he anyways took the clothes and leoft.
The Old man sat outside and gazed at the moon. “Poor man,” he said to himself.
“He is so poor, I wish I could give him the glory of the moon, which will make
him shine like one and he will no more need these material things anymore.”
The thief here is the “(Sura, 0) who is engulfed in the
ocean of worldly charms. The old man here is an insaan
enjoying the benefits of ‘Rochisha’. He is self-aware and

fully conscious of the futility of material possessions and
his reference to the moon signifies “his unknown reality
as the “omnipresent deity” (Param Shiva, 15).” The old
man is a luminous person, who has transcended all forms
of limitations that pollutes our consciousness. One’s “Self-
awareness brings spontaneity to our consciousness
by making our potential luminous, The “self-
luminous” (Svarochisha, 12) element” “makes “I”
(Svayam, 12)” to “service the “reality” (Vastavikta, 7)
beyond itself” leading to our entropy.

Dr. Gupta explains that Svarochisha forms a quantum
photon: it constitutes our I that personifies several different
tunes of the universe and is attracted towards many
directions by repelling our energy. Rochisha forms a
quantum light: it offers the supernatural essence to
compensate for our constant entropy in energy due to our
multipolar thoughts, emotions, actions, and reactions.
So let’s be our own Rochisha to give light to our own souls
and one will see how luminous the world appears, and
what would be better to discover it’s one’s own self-
luminous Svayam that had made all the difference. So
light up guys and shine on!!!! Grab your copies today and
set out to your unique spiritual journey lightening your own
paths yourselves. Good luck.

– Ranjula Jain

October 21, 2021

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