To every action there is an equal and opposite reaction- Is  It?

Talking about Enjoying the Beauty of the Present Reality as the Present Life Objective (4.2) Dr. Gupta talks about how during his working as the American Council of Education Fellow, class of 2015-16, which he terms as the primeval gift he received to “experience the joy of enjoying the primeval creation’s beauty from the perspective of the dynamic leader universe, comprising the higher education presidential leaders”. Dr. Gupta says the higher education presidential leadership is guided by the same Newtonian Code that “every action has an equal and opposite reaction”.  In other words, by appointing a large number of leaders (what Dr. Gupta calls Primeval leaders or Infinite leaders), a President hopes to form the faculty, staff, students, community, and donors into a large number of followers (what Dr. Gupta calls Primeval followers or infinite followers). But does it really work that way?

Here Dr. Gupta makes an interesting observation of Newtonian Physics failing in the University’s Ecosystem.

Here’s how?

Instead of becoming primeval followers, the stakeholders become the Primeval Super Leaders, leading the agenda for both the primeval leaders as well as the president.  They begin dictating their expectations to the primeval leaders, transforming them into the Primeval Super Followers of both their expectations and the presidential expectations.  Thus, the university ecosystem witnesses “the discordant events of both positive as well as negative entity energy”.    The performance of the university diverges from the script planned by the president and programmed by the leaders.   Each member generates positive entity energy for asserting a performance that brings university profiting in alignment with its personal profiting.  Here profiting is the fulfillment and the rewards one expects from one’s investment as a member of the university community.   Each member also generates negative entity energy, working to adjust to the university’s development through its personal development.    The development forces each member as an organization to take a U-turn from its initial position and to embrace what others expect it to be doing so that it does not waste its disproportionate energy for managing them.

Thus, the moment the Presidential leader takes inputs from the university eco-system, the failure of the Newtonian law becomes evident.  The Presidential leader’s actions cause  – “disproportionate, rather than equal and proportionate, effect and that the effect is not opposite and indirect, but linear and direct.”

This finding which Dr. Gupta has clearly explained with reasons is indeed path-breaking and challenges the beliefs that we have had for years.

To know more and investigate further please read “Is Divine Energy” by Dr. Vipin Gupta, which offers plenty of fodder for the thinkers. I promise.

-Ranjula Jain

July 15, 2021

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