The Social Media Paradox- Who leads and how?

Today we find innumerable social media platforms and people indulging in cut-throat strategies to beat their counterparts, to gain more followers and popularity. Social media is undoubtedly an important marketing tool and selling place for people from various disciplines of life.

But we all notice that even while operating in the same domain of work and SWOTS, and using more or less similar marketing tools and procedures, some profiles gain a great number of followers and fame and others still struggle with getting their numbers decent.

Let’s view this through the lens of Dr. Gupta’s path-breaking research work, and we specifically take his first book of the series- IS DIVINE ENERGY, into our consideration here.

Dr. Gupta says-“The stronger the market orientation of a firm, the greater the opportunity for a firm to develop the “social cost leadership orientation”

In our case, let’s consider how social media profiles let a firm develop social cost leadership.  We can understand this through the impact the social media profiles of a firm has on the followers it is able to garner.   The greater the followers a firm’s social media profile attracts, the stronger the leadership position of the firm becomes.   Further, the firm is able to reach cost-effectively to the broader society by leveraging these followers as its voice champions.


Now, why certain firms are able to attract more followers through their social media profiles.   A social media profile is like a firm’s biography (BIO).   When a firm frames its bio sensibly to tell the story of the social values it is adding, then it naturally attracts many followers.   Similarly, the bio can also tell the story of the human values, the ecological values, the economic values, the national values, and the psychological values the firm is adding, or what Dr. Gupta says are the SHEENY values.  The bio that tells all these stories in a fresh way as part of the firm’s journey attracts the attention of several followers.   This BIO is the reflection of his “market orientation”.  Professor Gupta quantifies the energy value of market orientation as 34 units.  Market orientation is something that takes the past, the present, and the future dimensions of the firm’s profile and transforms that into the profile relevant for the four dimensions of the space at the present moment.    If you are not touching upon your profile in all three-time dimensions and not making it relevant for all four space dimensions, then your BIO is disconnected from the market.


The BIO  includes-

A clear description of what you do

Touches of your personality

A call to action (shop, read more, contact us, etc.

A link


According to Dr. Gupta, the market orientation of a leader entity generates an infinite GUIDER power.    In other words, it generates an infinite growth in GUIDER power.   What is GUIDER power?   It is the power that makes one the guru that everyone likes to follow for their growth.   It opens the opportunity for each follower to engage in what the leader is doing, motivating the broader society to also do what the leader is doing.   What is the leader doing?  As we noted, the leader is first adding SHEENY value and then through its market orientation, motivating everyone to also add SHEENY value.    Dr. Gupta further clarifies that a SHEENY value is a conscious value, it requires conscious effort.   It is known as the ojas element, i.e. sentience, with an energy value of 189.    It entails a leader adding values relevant for the three dimensions of time, motivating a follower to do the same, and then the follower taking the six-unit growth to motivate the society to do the same for realizing 18-unit “potential” (AUM, 18).   One then perpetuates half of the potential as the visible “goal” (Lakshya, 9) and keeps the other half to be the “enjoyer” (Rasiya, 9) of the goal that gets fulfilled naturally when everyone is adding everlasting conscious values.


Thus, the Market orientation approach empowers one to be more focused on the Social Eco-system dynamics (A clear description of what you do).  It makes one strategic about the technological inputs one uses for the social profiles.  One’s intrinsic SHEENY effect as a leader catalyzes the extrinsic SHEENY effect of the followers on the society through Divine energy.   “Divine energy” (Divya Shakti, 10) is the organizational planning that makes the three dimensions of time, four dimensions of space, and three groups of entities (leader, follower, and entrepreneurial society) the base for all actions.   It makes a firm and everyone within the social ecosystem of the firm innovative in their approach to invent ways using their gifts mother nature has given them (touches of your personality).


Through organizational planning, each member in the ecosystem begins reaching out to the “Followers” who are not planning their time sensibly in the most relatable and socially profitable ways.   This reaches out is projected through the social media posts with A call to action (shop, read more, contact us, etc.).  Each member managing the social ecosystem provides links to enable the non-followers to become the followers by reaching out to them. This link is the “proficient exchange system (Sadhaka, 127) the manager (a responsible member of the social ecosystem) designs out of an imminent “entrepreneurial orientation” (Sarthavaha, 1).   The entrepreneurial orientation is the ascending value a unit person enjoys by letting the benefits of the organizational planning exponentiate.


Thus, Professor Gupta observes “the strategic quality of a firm’s exchange system is a function of its organizational planning’s entrepreneurial quality”. That is, the market and entrepreneurially oriented organization that exchanges non-followers who are stuck with inertia or are groping in the dark due to the lack of organizational planning with the followership of their “gravitational light” (Digambara, 100) enjoys infinite growth in its guider power.   The gravitational light is simply the organizational planning of a leader guru that the follower disciplines reproduce for attracting those groping in the dark.   By integrating the ten-unit organizational planning within oneself along with the universe comprising the followers and the non-followers, each person becomes a “self-luminous entity” (Svayam, 12).  A self-luminous entity that repels the followers to attract the non-followers, as the non-followers become aware of the entrepreneurial orientation that each follower is enjoying within the social ecosystem.   Thus, the twelve-unit self-luminous entity becomes the 127-unit proficient exchange system, shaping the three dimensions of time and the four dimensions of space through the organizational planning of the universe it wishes to enjoy as its everlasting accomplishment.


This is just one of the real-life situations I could relate to while reading he Section 3.2 in his outstanding work –IS DIVINE ENERGY. Do purchase and Read on, to get more real-life situation insights and become worldly and spiritually wise. Highly recommend the book to people in search of a fresh and pragmatic approach to Divinity in our daily life situations and in everything around us.

-Ranjula Jain

July 19, 2021

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