Gajendra Moksham: Story of supreme surrender and how it defies Newton laws of motion- A take on Dr. Vipin Gupta’s findings in his book – IS DIVINE ENERGY.

The story of Gajendra Moksham is a narration of surrender from Shrimad Bhagavatam, which contains stories from Hindu mythology that pertain to Lord Vishnu or Lord Shri Hari. The Brief of the story is thus:

In a forest on the mountain Trikoota, there lived an Elephant who was the King of the surrounding Jungle. There was a garden there which belonged to the ocean of Gods, Lord Varuna. It was a very hot and sunny day and Gajendra, the elephant king came to the garden of Varuna with his entire family. Gajendra decided to beat the heat by taking a shower so he got into one of the cool lakes to get himself refreshed. He quenched his thirst by drinking the sweet water. As he was crossing the water, he suddenly felt an excruciating pain in his feet and felt it being dragged downwards with the full might of a force. He realized that a crocodile had caught his feet tight and was dragging Gajendra into the water. The more he tried to free his leg from the crocodile’s grip the more the crocodile dig his teeth deeper in Gajendra’s leg and pulled him even more downwards. This continued for a long time and Gajendra realized that no one, including his family and peers, was able to help him in this precarious situation. He then called upon Lord Vishnu and beseeched his mercy in beautiful Gajendra Strotram. He became oblivious of the pain and Lord Vishnu, pleased by his supreme surrender free him of the pain by ripping off the head of the crocodile by his Divine Discus- Chakra.

The story has many spiritual connotations but I will be Restricting this story to discuss something very interesting and remarkable that Dr. Vipin Gupta Mentions and explains in his spectacular work  Project VIPIN’s first book of the series – IS DIVINE ENERGY.

Let’s understand this story with the findings of Dr. Gupta.

In 1.6 The luminous is the origin of the self- Dr. Gupta says – “The metaphysical reality of the PARAM human child includes both the “guiding spirit” (Ruah, 20) for manifesting the desired future ecosystem reality as well as the “Luminous” (Rochisha, 13)”

The param human child is here Gajendra and he is the present, the absolute of the story, and forms the present consciousness.   Dr. Gupta clarifies that the present is absolute which leads to the conception of the sequence of events that become the known reality in the future.  He further clarifies that the present consciousness is the absolute consciousness, known as Paramatma.   The person present that forms the present is the param human child.  That person behaves like first, the param, i.e., the absolute; second, the human, i.e., angry like a human ready at the present ready to change the world to test one’s divinity and therefore leading to a sequence of events in the future; and third, as a child, surrendering to the Guiding spirit.   Dr. Gupta clarifies that the “Guiding spirit” (Ruah, 20) has two dimensions: intrinsic and extrinsic.  The intrinsic works like the space that manifests over three dimensions of time.  Therefore, the intrinsic is worth a fourth and the extrinsic is worth three-fourth.  The intrinsic dimension makes the param human child the “God” (Ishvara, 5 = 20/4) by making everyone involved in the future sequence of events dance to his tune.   The extrinsic dimension makes everyone “breeding” (Janana, 15) the breed that God divines a part of the child’s “consciousness family”, known as the “soul family” (Mohini, 15 = 20 * 3/4).  That consciousness family forms the child’s “vision power” (Vishnu, 15), i.e., the Lord Vishnu, to help the child eventually the known reality he conceived as the absolute.  Dr. Gupta further clarifies that the child eventualities the known reality by incarnating as a “Luminous” (Rochisha, 13). Now, what is Luminous?

Dr. Gupta defines it as “The Luminous is the source of the light, guiding each animate “cell” (Hiranyagarbha, 19) to devote its consciousness to materialize the desired future reality of nothing as a desirable manifestation.”

Hiraṇyagarbha (Sanskrit: हिरण्यगर्भः; literally means the ‘golden womb’ or ‘golden egg‘, poetically translated as ‘universal germ’) is the source of the creation of the universe.  Why, because in modern scientific parlance, Hiranyagarbha is simply an animate, alive, and breathing cell with whose womb the universe is present.  One cell multiplies to produce a universe of cells through the intermediate daughter cells.

Dr. Gupta says that Luminous is the source of light guiding each animate cell.   Each cell is the product of “breeding”.   Dr. Gupta clarifies that in modern scientific parlance, the fancy name for breeding is “Meiosis” (Param Shiva, 15), the process through which a cell divides and multiplies into six cells, after unifying an octave of cells to transform itself into an animate cell.  You may ask that why scientists have not been able to find the nine cells that precede the six cells known to result from the meiosis.   Dr. Gupta clarifies that the octave of cells is in the form of the “octave of atoms” (Dik, 100) since an atom is an inanimate cell, when a cell dies it becomes an atom by exchanging its energy from the inanimate to animate form.  An octave comprises eight elements.  Further, the octave of atoms is immanent within a “neutron” (Matsarya, 19).  A neutron is a medium for dividing a unit cell into an octave and letting the unit cell behave like a neutron by servicing its energy to the neutron.  That empowers the neutron to become the “nucleus” (Yoni, 1000), the femininity, and incarnate as the golden egg.  That’s why the cell, the atom, and the neutron all have energy values that through a sequence of events transform 1 into 9, i.e., 19.   Dr. Gupta clarifies this Vedic wisdom for us to understand that the universe was and is created by incubating the Hiranyagarbha or the golden egg and the Luminous was and is the master incubator.  Dr. Gupta explains that the Luminous is the master incubator because scientifically it is the “mass of energy”.  It becomes ‘self-luminous” (Svarochisha, 12) within the one conceiving the octave to manifest the known reality.”

Now in our example here, the Gajendra behaves like a mass of energy that rapidly multiplies its energy by breeding the mass of energy within everyone bred by the energy.  Thus, it spontaneously and effortlessly manifests the known reality of the “freedom from the present force” (Moksha, 1600) when faced with the dilemma of life and death.   He does so with the power of devotion to the present, thus generating the fire that destroys the present and illuminates the future one desires.    To quote Dr. Gupta here, it-

“Polarizes its consciousness into nothing, constituting the imaginary manifestation, the “sentient light force” (Apas, 169) of that consciousness transforms the “nothing” (Adravya, -1) into the imagined “thing” (Vastu, 9)” That is Gajendra becomes oblivious of the pain and sorrow and channelizes his energy into focused Devotion – complete surrender, to activate the “creator factor” (Bhagwan, 4).   He becomes the Animate factor himself, activating the divine luminosity within him to conceive Hiranyagarbha as the energy solution. In the story, Gajendra is trying to pull out upwards and the crocodile is pulling him downwards.  Dr. Gupta says the Crocodile is present in the past, whose “consciousness” (Chetana, 4) is the “creator factor” (Bhagwan, 4), known as Bhagwan.  Gajendra decides to embody the entire presentation so that his consciousness of the challenge eventuated through the past sequence of events becomes the thirteen-unit mass of energy.  That mass of energy comprises the four-unit consciousness and the nine=unit imagined thing.  Thus, the consciousness of the problem itself becomes the solution for transcending beyond the problem and becoming the present consciousness in the future for solving all problems.

This is the perfect setting to explain the TEN GROUPS OF ILLUSIONARY POINTS constituting ten directions in the manifested space that Dr. Gupta speaks about.

“The first eight groups of points have an arch of 45 degrees and generate an energy field of 45 * 8 = 360 degrees. The ninth group of points covers the distance from the center to the circumference of the Luminous. Within this ninth group, the energy flows from the intrinsic “spiritual center” (Sati-Parvati, 16) towards the Luminous’s top direction. The tenth group of points is from the extrinsic “gravitational center” (Jamadagni, 629) of the energy field to the Luminous center. Within this tenth group, the energy flows from the top energy field towards the Luminous’s bottom direction”

Dr. Gupta says the gravitational center of the entire story and the sequence of events, past, present, and future, is the Crocodile.  Without Crocodile becoming a problem, the solution will not become Luminous.   Therefore, the crocodile is the Jamddagani that transforms scientifically possible growth of 6 units for materializing the imagined thing of nine units, by organizing 2 units of time within the one that is present as Gajendra’s illusionary production of oneself.    Thus, Jamadagni has an energy value of 629.    As the gravitational center, the Crocodile is pulling the consciousness of Gajendra downwards towards the past so that the problem becomes insurmountable to solve with the energy Gajendra has.   As the absolute, Gajendra is trying to reach out to the Luminous Top direction of his consciousness.   Evidently, six-unit of scientifically possible growth is not a sufficient solution for the emerging problem of imminent death through entanglement into the past.  It is already known to the crocodile who has moved forward fast to transform those six units into nine units, effortlessly taking advantage of the one unit that Gajendra is conceiving to also move forward.

The “necessary solution” (Vastunara, 7) is for Gajendra to be conscious of the “reality” (Vastavikta, 7) of both the scientifically possible growth and the need for him to consciously channel that growth for multiplying each of the six units within the growth into six additional units as a “channel” (Raasta, 36).  Scientifically, the necessary solution is the “ideal point” that compensates for the pull from the gravitational center and lets one enjoy freedom from the present, force, or what is known as Moksha.   This reality is an “unknown reality” (Vastavikta, 7), it is unknown to both the Crocodile and Gajendra.   It requires Gajendra to be a seven-unit “conscious entity” (Siddha, 7), conscious of the four dimensions of space and three dimensions of time.   Therefore, the reality is seven units.   When Gajendra supplements the scientifically possible growth with the metaphysically possible reality, he becomes the “Luminous” (Rochisha, 13 = 6 + 7).   He is no longer absolute.  He is not even aware that he is the conscious entity who transforms the past absolute to be the present absolute, also known as omnipresent, overall space and time dimensions.    Thus, he becomes the omnipresent” (Sarvavyapak, 1), the one unit that is always present within everyone in the decentralized future.   Paradoxically, Gajendra is not conscious that he has become omnipresent, because he is busy making himself Luminous so that others know his story and become “omnipotent” (Sarvashaktiman, 1600).   Now, you should be able to quantify the energy value of omnipotent, because by following the story of how Gajendra became omnipresent from being the present, you are now the present who embodies the known reality of Gajendra.   Not only you are present, you have also become omnipotent knowing that the necessary solution to each problem is within you.   That necessary solution is for you to polarise all energy units using the consciousness of the four-space dimensions and the three-time dimensions to get out of the situation.   When you do so, Dr. Gupta says you become a “DEVOTED PARAM PERPETUATOR” (Ananta, 90000).  In other words, you become an “infinity” (Ananta, 90,000), enjoying the life of the “eternity” (Ananta, 90,000).  Why, because, you know how to get out of any situation without being stuck in that.  You know how to live when the situation brings you near your death.

If you are amazed at how the ancient wisdom of India went much beyond modern science, then don’t let your amazement die.   Here is more to fuel your confidence that our children have the potential to falsify the limitations that the scientists bind us with their law-like statements in the name of pure physics and become the metaphysicists that Dr. Gupta wishes them to be.

Dr. Gupta explains how we have just witnessed the Non –Confirmation to Newton’s law of motion.  Let me just take the explanation related to the third law of motion.

Contrary to Newton’s third law of motion, the self-luminous entity’s reaction is not of equal value and in the opposite direction to that of the Luminous. Gajendra is being pulled downwards with more power than him pulling upwards, and that’s why he can’t get out of the water.    Without the one unit conceived by Gajendra as a conscious entity before it becomes known to the crocodile, the crocodile incarnates as a “self-luminous entity” (Svayam, 12: 13 -1).   A self-luminous entity is the primordial human child, the “creature” (Purusha, 12) who pulls the known reality of him becoming the “param human child” (Kesari Nandan, 1600) downward because of the immanent fear about the unknown.  

This story though has a lot of spiritual essences attached to it, Dr. Gupta has simplifies it to the play of energies in all ten directions of organizational planning-Horizontal, vertical, seven intrinsic, and one extrinsic. He has clearly shown us that the flow of divine energy defies Newton’s laws and we should unlearn the science we have been spoonfed over the past many centuries to learn the true science which lays hidden in the shrouds of our Vedic wisdom, which Dr. Vipin Gupta has painstakingly simplified for us to comprehend.

So next time you talk about the action-reaction thing, think about The Gajendra Moksham and elevate your self-luminosity by recalling Dr. Gupta’s 10 groups of illusionary points, around which the divine energy plays its Ananta game till Infinity.

-Ranjula Jain

July 24,2021

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