Embracing Sports as the Spiritual Renaissance 


With Tokyo Olympics just around the corner, the sports fraternity is all abuzz and excited to witness the Pinnacle of the Sports fervor and the participants all geared up to bask in the everlasting glory of their performances, what time could be more apt to talk about why do such sports events arouse the passion of this magnitude, similar to that of any grand Religious congregation, why are some sportspersons crowned as the Gods of such and such sport, why Sports Is referred to as another Religion, and most importantly why the winning and losing of teams and individuals in such events lead to a massive emotional impact on their followers.

In his path-breaking Research work, Dr. Gupta in his first book of the series” is Divine Energy”, has provided some great factual insights to understand the fact that why Sports is a synonym of worship for the sportspersons and why the sportspersons are no less than Gods for their fans.

Let’s understand it the way Dr. Gupta shapes it in his research.

We have often seen players touching the ground when they come out to play or look up and make gratitude gestures. These gestures give us an idea that the players look upon their sport with reverence and gratitude. Ever wondered why?

Why do they make it a spiritual affair instead of just enjoying it as a game?

A motorbiker once said- the attraction of riding comes from achieving total presence on the bike. At these moments, the past only contains the last few curves, the future exists just as far ahead as I can see, and the present consists of me, the motorcycle, and the road.

In this, the Motorbiker has kind of fused time and space by treating his passion as one surreal thing he enjoys moment by moment. While riding on his bike, he is so focused on living the moment that he unconsciously fuses all three dimensions of time and four dimensions of space and makes the present moment while riding on his bike the Absolute.  It’s not the ‘passive’ absorption of watching your fave soap on Television, but the ‘active’ absorption we experience when we fully concentrate and make powerful mental efforts i.e the conscious effort of the soul to transform reality as he wishes, by channelizing his divine energy as –in two ways- Either as a 

  • wisher factor, believing in the divine factor’s infinite power, begs to become blessed with a proportion of that energy, so that he excels in his performance,


  •  a worker factor, who does not believe in the power of the divine entity. But behaves like a divine factor and services the present value of the infinite energy through his/her work energy.

Dr. Gupta says “each moment, each present human child enjoys the divine energy’s varying proportionate present values”. Each moment, the sportsman or (Vyakti,1) is trading his former self with the newer one, owing to the technological entropy in divine energy that’s happening each moment.  That means he is changing every second of a minute. And this makes any Sports event exhilarating, transforming, and a spiritual experience for the sportsperson.

A chess player once said that when he plays the game, ‘I have a general sense of well-being, a feeling of complete control over my world.’

Similarly, a dancer said that during her performances, ‘A strong relaxation and calmness comes over me’

While it could be a spiritual or transforming journey for an individual or a team of Sportsmen, the fans also have their own role in making an event memorable and they also have their own journeys.

Now about the crazy fans/followers who believe in their icons to an extent of identifying their success and failures with them. They weep and rejoice with them as their parallel self. How Is this so?


Dr. Gupta speaks about “the believing without breeding pathway”  and I will take this as a base to understand the relationship between the sports Icons and their followers or fans. 

 To understand this in the current context, the Sportsperson (e.g. the Biker here) is so engaged in enjoying the moment of his sport that he, being the Param child of Mother Nature, services his GUIDER POWER in form of his divine energy, to attract a universe of believers. The Believers here are the fan base that he attracts by being the self-luminous entity he has become by servicing his reality to illuminate the universe of believers about the value he offers. The Followers (fans) believe in him so much so that they become devoted to him like he is their paternal divine energy source. 

They believe in the divine factor to technologically service the divine energy (their Idolised sportsman performance power) necessary to fulfill their wishes (here their wish for a victory).   The sportsman’s divine energy becomes both a service and a technology.  It services to lift the spirit of the believers and activates their divine energy as well, with a positive mental attitude.   Thus, the sportsman’s divine energy takes the form of infinite divine energy.    Even the non-believers (new fans) begin wishing for the divine factor to bless them with a proportion of his infinite divine energy. That is why all the followers, whether they were initially believers or not, perceive their idolized sportsman’s victory as theirs and their losses also as their own loss. The idol sportsperson now assumes the form of a para-deity for his followers.   

Dr. Gupta says that a para deity is synonymous with God who makes everyone else the divine factor, i.e., the deity.   A para deity perpetuates the consciousness of the divine factor within each person, independent of whether he is performing and programming that performing within each follower, profiting from a victory without the universe of followers, or developing into something else as a person after loss.   For instance, after loss, a sportsman may begin following another sportsman, seeking to master the diverse techniques and thus become a primeval deity.   Dr. Gupta says a primeval deity is synonymous with the infinite deity, with infinite power to destroy any illusion about his reality.  While the para deity and the primeval deity behave like masculine, the secret behind them is a present maternal who perpetuates the value that the para deity services and the creative force that destroys that value for letting the para deity develop natural growth into the primeval deity.  He clarifies that the primeval deity is known by several names such as Khuda, Eloah, Mahesha, and Param Shankara.  

So now we know what goes behind when we hear statements like “Sachin is the God of Cricket”, or “I am not sure if Messi is a human”. After all that they do for their fans is much more than just human, they are someone beyond Belief!  They are the reality.   They are like the deity who is present now and here, or what one might say is the Param Deity, i.e., the Absolute Deity, known as El Shaddai or Shiva.   They have absolute power over our reality by illuminating the path to realizing our wishes.  By awakening our sportsman spirit, we can enjoy our reality as the Param Deity, with absolute power over the reality we wish to enjoy.   

It’s time to act and be the sportsman!  Are you ready?

-Ranjula Jain

22 July 2021

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