Monday is the day of the Upa Pitha, the upper octave of energy. It is the
day of the Moon. The Moon’s past is the white star, the yama, and the
present is the sun, the surya. The Sun’s future is the Moon that has lost its
light after radiating it to form the solar universe. The light the Moon radiated
as the Sun shapes your potential to be a conscious entity, the goalkeeper of
the goal inherent in the incoming light (ambara) that forms the white star
(Yama). The incoming light goes out as the white divine light (usha) of
Maha Durga. Through oneness with Shiva, the goalkeeper on Monday,
one becomes attuned to the upper octave of energy and activates the white
divine light within.

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Categories: Questions / Published On: February 21st, 2022 /