Ikshvaku = Ikshu + Aku. Ikshu means sweet memory like sugarcane.
Aku means intend. Ishvaku means sweet memory that intends to be bitter
memory because it extends from the past as a bit of information that
becomes bitter over time. The bit makes one realize that one was never a
king of the Sun dynasty, leave alone the first king who founded the Sun
dynasty. The Sun performs the role of the triangle that triangulates its
potential into nine by reproducing the three dimensions of time and makes
the sweet memory of his past as the Sun the tenth son of his intent to be
the Moon in the future, so that he may incarnate as the Earth in the

present. The Earth is the Mother of Moon and the daughter of Sun. Sun is
the son of the potential that makes one shine like the Sun and the Father of
Yama, the white star, that lights up like light when one’s potential shines.
Yama is the shining potential. The potential is Shani. She is the
primordial maternal of the Sun who reincarnates as Yama after the Sun
develops the consciousness of the fire within him to be the primordial
paternal so that he could be the King on Earth after incarnating as Mother

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Categories: Questions / Published On: June 26th, 2022 /