Sadhana is the “manifestor” of normative solution. Chatushtaya means four folds of growth
within an entity.
Sadhana Chatushtaya is the normative solution which makes one an entity with “reasoning
power” (Viveka) to be the manifestor of “detachment” (Vairagya). Detachment is a
manifestation of a “super wisher” (Mumukshutva), wishing for the growth of six
properties: “suspending” (Shama) the reasoning power for developing the “intuition
power” (Uparati) with “patience” (Titiksha), “self-restraint” (Dama), “faith” (Shraddha)
and “fixing” (Samdhana) attention on the formative solution.
The “formative solution” (Vilayan) is the knowable value of a measurable, “axiological”
(Prameya). That axiological is the “convergent energy” (Samvat shakti) manifesting a
“transformative solution” (Upaya).
By knowing Upaya, one becomes Upadhyaya, the educator, conscious of everyone’s
potential to wish whatever one wishes and to manifest that as one’s reality.