The half-moon is the body of consciousness about the full moon, which is conscious that it is
a new moon full of the effect of the infinite moons that are behaving like the planets seeking
to be the Sun once the new moon stops being the Sun after diffusing its effect to fuse infinite
moons like it with the essence of the Sun present within its potential to be the Moon.
Infinite moons produced by the body of consciousness comprising the half-moon make the
effect of the Sun timeless, because each moon perpetuates the potential of the Sun as its
light borrowed from the Sun. Eventually, each moon realizes its potential to be the Sun with
the light immanent within its time as an entity independent from the Sun, but formed with the
essence of the Sun that has a potential like the Sun. Therefore, half-moon means

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Categories: Questions / Published On: July 31st, 2022 /