A Purna Purusha is a complete creature, with three forms of consciousness: divine
courage consciousness, guider power consciousness, and sentient wisdom
consciousness. One who has the consciousness of the courage needed to make
divine decisions appropriate to time. One who has the consciousness of the power
needed to guide time-appropriate divine decisions of others. One who has the
consciousness of the wisdom that guides everyone’s conscious decisions, who
choose to rely on the wisdom instead of reason and intuition appropriate to time.
Therefore, the one is able to offer time-appropriate reason to motivate appropriate
decisions from those who have an open mind for the reason.
Those who call Lord Krishna Purna purusha unfortunately do not follow the essence
of what Purna Purusha means. They take the wisdom of Gita as sacrosanct,
assuming that Lord Krishna’s knowing was confined to whatever he said in Gita.
Thus, they make him an incomplete purusha because they are themselves
incomplete. By making Lord Krishna incomplete, they then identify as absolute
devotees of Lord Krishna and recite whatever is given in Gita as the truth. They do
not even understand A,B,C of the intent of what Lord Krishna stated, because they
are not open to any reason and have made the world a place that grants Nobel
Prizes for showing that bounded rationality has become the universal trait of all
purushas. After all, now nobody in the world is open to time-appropriate reason.
That is deemed to be zero moral value with zero integrity.

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Categories: Questions / Published On: January 9th, 2022 /