The system that gives birth to us as a creature leads to our rejoining with
the consciousness of the present reproduced by the force of our potential
within that system. Our potential begins when the present ends. When we
stop reproducing the present with our believing energy as if it is sacrosanct,
we put our potential realization into a crescendo. When we enjoy the pulse
of the present, instead of becoming entangled by its impulse, we transform
the pulse into a crescent, whose base is in touch with the front making one
realize the potential hiding behind at the back. The pulse is the maternal
lineage (Nadi). The expulse that reproduces the genetic force of the
impulse of our entanglement with the present as an enjoyer is the paternal
lineage (gotra). Gotra system is the recognition of the devotion one has to
the present within one’s paternal lineage at the time of marriage (lagna), so
that the significant other is chosen based on her potential to help one
unentangle the entangling bonds of the paternal lineage by marrying
outside of one’s paternal lineage but within one’s maternal lineage. It is
intended to help one transcend the limits imposed by one’s masculinity,
with a deep awareness that the femininity makes the significant other the
better half.

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Categories: Questions / Published On: June 19th, 2022 /