A scripture is the social authority of a text scripted by copying of the
spoken words in a language people can understand. A revealed
scripture is the scripture that reveals the gap with the spoken words
due to the memory loss of people over time. All Western religions are
based on the revealed scriptures. People in the West are guided by
their memory of the belief system. One must memorize by heart what
is written in Bible or Quran to be a true Christian or a true Muslim.

Therefore, over time, there has been a need for adding new revelations
to reveal what is written in Bible or Quran. Even today, there are
ongoing debates on what new revelations need to be added to these
holy scriptures by way of expert commentaries and proclamations to
help people understand what apparently people understood in the past
but is no longer understood due to the loss of the cultural context.

The cultural context comprises the informal knowledge that was
common in the past and shared informally by the people with the
Eastern belief system that the entire universe is part of one family. Its
formalization led to the view that the followers of the Western belief
system are the only ones chosen to be a part of God’s family.
Therefore, the informal knowledge was deemed as inferior and
identified as a public good of zero value. Thus, people stopped paying
attention to the informal knowledge. Since the informal knowledge was
the key for the people to believe in the formal scriptures, with the
entropy of the cultural context there has been an entropy in the
people’s beliefs in the value of the revealed scriptures. Thus, the
devoted followers feel a growing urgency to bring back the informal
knowledge by converting the Hindus whose ancient gurus originated
the knowledge for leading a path of divinity (siddhi marga) and diffused
it informally.

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Categories: Questions / Published On: December 20th, 2021 /