Religion is a dimension of life. We need life because life helps us fulfill the
promise we make to oneself before incarnating as a conscious entity that
we will be conscious of what is needed to make the world a better place for
everyone to enjoy as a child of Mother Nature. To fulfill that promise one
needs to devote effort to develop oneself into one who is free from the
limitations of the world, so that one can inspire others to also be free by
following the path of self-development. However, instead of devoting effort
for self-development, most people become busy in ideating the Almighty
Creator who created them as an Almighty Creature and formulating theories
of their privilege for enjoying the Almighty Creation gifted to them by the
Almighty Creator. Thus, we are forced to renew our promise every time we
die and reincarnate with another chance to live up to our promise. There
are only a few people who realize that they are more than who they are, as
they are the sameness of the Almighty Creator. The Almighty Creator does
not create one as inferior or superior or different from itself. Each creation
has the potential of the Almighty Creator. Religion helps one transcend the
religion and to be the Almighty Creator of life.

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