We fear death because death takes us to the state we were in before we incarnate as a living being. We
were inanimate before becoming animate with the being energy of one who wished to bring us to life as
their child. The one brought us to life because they feared the life will leave them and wished to plant
their seed so that they may reincarnate as the grandchild of their child. All this takes place at the para-
psychological plane guided by our para-consciousness, i.e., the consciousness we borrow from the one
who brings us to life as his byproduct. That one is masculine because the feminine has no fear of death;
the feminine essence is already present within everything she does because the feminine brings the
devotion that makes her a part of every creation through her emotional oneness. The masculine
element seeks supremacy as a creature over the mind-born feminine creator and gives birth to fear on
the psychological plane that a child he is wishing for will be omniscient and destroy him to be the star of
attraction for the mother. Thus, father-son always share a love-hate relationship. Son is always aloof
from the mother, focused on how to be a breadwinner and compensate in kind for the mother’s
investment in him. The daughter is always close to both father and mother, devoted to how to bring the
family together with her charming endeavors.

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Categories: Questions / Published On: October 19th, 2021 /