Indians worship the inanimate because any animate being is inanimate
before becoming animate. Even modern science says that the cell
originated from the inanimate objects at a time when there were only
stones, metals, photosynthesis of those stones and metals, and statues
of the dead plants before those statues came alive as the living plants
and formed the first creatures. Indians have a sense of gratitude
towards the past that gifted the present one is enjoying.

The Westerns worship the God because after death, we all become
Gods. The energy we diffuse on our death runs the universe. The
energy the cells diffuse on their death leads to the division of the cells

into the multiple cells. The Westerns have a weak sense of the past.
They like to keep the new knowledge within their memory and let the
old knowledge fade until someone discovers the worth of the old
knowledge and recycles it by citing the original authority to behave like
a super-authority.

You can decide whether you will rather worship what made you who
you have become or one who wishes that you worship him before you
can enjoy being like him. In the first case, you are worshiping what you
may believe is inferior to you and has decided to make the sacrifices to
make you superior if you believe that the human being is a superior
form of creation. In the second case, you are worshipping what you
may believe is superior to you and wishes you to make the sacrifice as
the inferior one.
Of course, you have a choice, after knowing the reality, not to waste
time worshipping. Instead, you may focus your energy on the purpose
the inanimate objects gifted you the life that the God wishes to
exchange by giving you the God-hood and taking your position on earth
for enjoying life after your death.

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Categories: Questions / Published On: December 23rd, 2021 /