Good people become good because others perceive them as good, so they
start experiencing themselves as good. Other perceive somebody as
good when they conceive themselves as bad and wish to conceive the
qualities of the good to be better than the good. A bad becomes better than
the good because with the good, the bad has an added conscious benefit of
the self-experience of the bad, a conviction for not becoming bad again,
and a role model for both the bad who wish to become good as well as the
good who wish to be educated about the conscious costs of becoming bad.
Now, when the good services its qualities to make the bad better, the good
becomes worse than the better. The good lacks the conviction to educate
the good about why not to be bad, the courage to confront the better than
the better’s present is a gift of the good and is not better than the good, and
the confidence to continue being a role model for the bad to inspire them to
be the best they can be transcending the limits of their present wish.
Without conviction, courage, and confidence, bad things will happen to
anybody—independent of whether the person is good or not.

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Categories: Questions / Published On: March 5th, 2022 /