Apaurusheya means impersonal. Vedas are impersonal because they
are not based on the personal experiences like the Upnishadas.
Instead, they are based on the institutional experiences institutionalized
as the dominant belief system at the time the Vedas were scripted.
When the Vedas were scripted, the belief system in India had already
been modified by the Western belief system that there is a God and
universe of deities without us. They are the creators of the universe
and that we need to appease them and seek their blessings for our
conscious well-being. Therefore, the Vedas have a mix of the Eastern
doctrine that the divinity is within us and the Western doctrine that the
divinity is without us.
When the people in the East from China are willing to make their home
a world factory and behave like they are the divinity, they make people
in India balance the Eastern doctrine by adding the Western doctrine to
align their belief system with the new reality.

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Categories: Questions / Published On: December 22nd, 2021 /