Aryan means refined, with a hyper consciousness of the life before culture generated ego
within the accultured entities and made them a discordant entity (asura). A discordant entity is
evil because it seeks to be the metric of present reality by diffusing its culture as the
workculture that transforms everyone into its creation.
Historians have postulated a theory that the Aryans were the Europeans, specifically Germans,
who invaded and migrated to India. According to the Indian records, those who invaded India
were the Asuras. After becoming aware of the refined consciousness within India, they
become suras, the concordant entities, who became impassioned devotees of the Aryans and
began reproducing their work culture as their culture to become civilized. The historians
concur that the uncivilized Europeans became civilized over time, even as the civilized people
of India became increasingly uncivilized aping the Western culture.
Thus, at present finding an Aryan in India is like finding a needle in the haystack. Good luck
with finding one. Mahatma Gandhi is known to be among the last of the Aryans, who is now
widely villainized for living a simple life that impeded the modernization through
westernization of India.

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Categories: Questions / Published On: May 25th, 2022 /