Eternal joy is the Mukti, i.e., freedom from the responsibility to decide one’s life goal. One gets eternal joy by deciding that the present life itself is the goal of creation. If in the present life one believes that God made one a saint during the act of creation, then one becomes Sanatan. Saint means the holy spirit within the self. Saint means Lakshmi, the harbinger of the wealth the creation offers. Sanatan means ageless. In Western religions, a believer believes he is ageless because he is the saint entrusted with the distribution of the wealth of the creation among the believing followers and its appropriation from the non-believing leaders.

Faith in one’s beliefs makes the impassioned devotees transform the non-believer leaders into the believing followers and become the non- believing leaders. Therefore, the West is going through a cycle of transformation from a faith-based culture to a science-based workculture. After appropriation of the wealth from the East using the religious conversion as a tool, the West has crafted secular institutions to prevent diffusion of its wealth to those who are increasingly adopting Western belief systems. Instead, it is emphasizing the importance of working by self with the scientific tools to fulfill the promise of the belief system. Once the believing followers reveal their scientific insights, the non-believing leaders move fast to discover those insights, characterize them as public good, and patent them as their private intellectual property rights. It is called heads I win and tails you lose. Thus, the path of conversion gives eternal joy to the one converting the others who do not believe in the power of believing in oneself and get entangled in your belief system. Amen!

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Categories: Questions / Published On: December 9th, 2021 /