A “thing” (vastu) becomes inevitable, i.e., larger-than-life, when an enjoyer lets a non-existing thing
enjoy its sentient energy for coming into existence in space. Sentient energy was named Amrit, the nectar
of life, in ancient India. When one enjoys the sentient energy of another, it is known as ashirvada
(blessing). The space that a non-existing thing comes into existence is the mental space. We conceive a
non-existing thing with our imagination as an imaginary thing. We perceive it as an illusionary thing.
We experience it as a real thing that appears real to us in our dream and in front of our eyes, even
though we do not seem to feel, touch, hear, taste, see it. Therefore, inevitably, our conscious energy
diffuses in the form of consciousness that initially forms the hydrogen element and eventually organizes
into things we imagined.

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Categories: Questions / Published On: October 21st, 2021 /