Third eye is the eye that balances the right feminine servicing eye and the left masculine trading
eye through oneness with the priorities one has in life. Our right eye services the consciousness
that shapes how we perceive extrinsic value. Our left eye trades the para-consciousness that
shapes how we conceive intrinsic value. We tend to overvalue extrinsic value because our right
eye is led by the feminine energy with force that magnifies the perceived value. It seeks to bring
us in oneness with the collectivity of Mother Nature. Our left eye trades the inflated illusionary
reality and activates our masculinity by exponentiating the conceived value of our femininity.
Our masculine self becomes animated with the experienced supernatural power of the feminine
self, without knowing that the feminine energy moved out with force due to the inertial
masculine factor. By hollowing out our energy with force, the active feminine element seeks
oneness with the inactive masculine element. When we develop a false sense of ourselves, we
suffer from depression and other negative effects and invite degeneration, decay, and death of
our cells. We open the third eye by keeping our body healthy so that impurities do not curve the
flow of energy and consciousness.

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Categories: Questions / Published On: November 30th, 2021 /