Other folks have already given the story. Let me clarify its metaphysical
significance. Kedarnath literally is a supergiant red star that goes supernova
and norms infinite lifeforms with the diverse present it personifies. Kedarnath
accultures each lifeform to the diverse present shared by the infinite lifeforms.

The present that shapes your potential becomes the same as the present that
shapes my potential. Each of us become motivated to behave like a social
animal, dependent on the social network, and limiting our self-worth based on
the social assessment, perceptions, and conceptions. Society has a varying
belief about the worth of different individuals at different times and spaces.
Social beliefs modify over time. Today, the society may believe that your work
is of little value. However, that belief may change 180 degrees tomorrow.
By activating the potential of Kedarnath within us, we become free from the
uncertainty and fear we have of not being appreciated by the society. When
you are confident about your self-worth, the society is forced to recognize the
folly of not believing in you.

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Categories: Questions / Published On: January 22nd, 2022 /