Mundan, i.e., tonsure, is performed for conscious oneness with one’s life-giving
intrinsic energy. Our hair is the manifestation of the infinite energy we trade
from the universe over our past. The hair infuse a consciousness of the goals we
formed in our past and we norm in the present through personification of the
goals from others whose infinite energy we are trading in a moment of our
tenderness and recipiency. During the first year after birth, a baby is open to
taking energy from everyone, including one’s past as the earth completes one full
rotation around the Sun interacting with all the planets. Mundan clears the weak
psychic linkages with the past and with the universe without oneself, allowing for
the strong psychic linkages with oneself to be formed.
That is why Mundan was also performed when one was going to a gurukul for
education, so that one is open to being illuminated by the self and one’s innate
and gifted potentialities under the guidance of a guru. Similarly, is Mundan is
performed when someone close dies, so that one may cleanse the psychic
linkages with the one who has died, freeing the dead for their onward journey
without the constraining ties with the past and freeing those alive to get on with
their lives. Thus, Mundan clears the emotional energy by making one strong.
When we clear our emotional energy, we stop that energy from eventually
degenerating into ego energy. Our emotions transform into ego. When are we

are emotionally attached to someone, something, somebody, we develop an ego
that nobody else has that someone, something, somebody. Then, we develop the
wish for everybody to gravitate towards us and make us the star of attraction.
Instead of working to fulfill the goal of our life, we become busy in polluting the
goals of everyone’s life. Mundan helps us keep our consciousness clean, as long
as our goal is to live in the present moment. If after mundan, we decide to
devote our energy in thinking about the one departed, then mundan accelerates
our entropy through ego intensification instead of mitigating it.

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Categories: Questions / Published On: December 30th, 2021 /