Atma Karak is the consciousness factor. It implies the moon-mediated planetary-
effect of the first six planets on the last two planets that shapes the conditional
destiny of the Sun and the eight planets. When the Moon is ascending, the
planetary-effect of the first six planets descends and the Uranus (Rahu) has an

ascending-effect. The Uranus norms the house of compatible relationships in Vedic
astrology. Its ascending effect generates a growth in the Sun’s gravity. Each entity
in the universe enjoys a varying proportion of the Sun’s gravitational growth that
improves the conscious consciousness of our gravity for manifesting the wishes we
have. This entity-specific proportion is a function of the oneness among our initial
birth planet, the event planet identified based on the events in our life that modify
the effects of our birth planet, the consequential planet identified based on the
desired goal towards into which we are putting conscious efforts. Since the earth is
our birth planet, all we need to consider is the proportionate consciousness force of
Jupiter, as the consequential planet, within the varying event planet. For this we
need to consider the angular degree between the varying event planet and the
Jupiter as the consequential planet. Vedic astrology offers several methods for
estimating this degree. The method I am illuminating here is based on my research
and goes beyond the knowledge of the astrologers. Here is how you may
substantiate this method: By aligning our actions with the movement of Jupiter to
make Jupiter the event planet, we ensure that we are conscious of how our
decisions are helping us manifest our goals.

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Categories: Questions / Published On: January 6th, 2022 /