Aditya Stavam means eulogizing the creative force so that the Sun as
the param creator eulogizes the eulogizer by making the eulogizer
the majority organization. The majority organization becomes a
multicellular organism, organizing the pacified as an astral body after
the pacification (Upasana) makes eulogized a minority like a

unicellular organization. In simple words, when you eulogize the
Sun’s creative force, each cell within your body gets energized like
the Sun, so that you whip a sentient entity consciousness of a
universe of suns within your physical body. It helps you realize that
you are the Andromeda (Pinda), the real thing with power to be
whatever you wish if you are really devoted to that thing like you are
to the Sun’s creative force.

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Categories: Questions / Published On: June 18th, 2022 /