Money is a metric of value. It is a way to substantiate our value. When we value ourselves, we devote
the necessary time and effort to make sure that everyone values us. When everyone values us, it makes us
wholesome. Since everyone values us because we value ourselves, we are already wholesome whole.
When we make our value dependent on others, we divide our whole into parts and have to work thrice
as hard for bringing all those parts together. Thus, when we materialize our value using a metric, we
gain temporary joy (nirvana), but lose absolute joy (moksha) and forget the purpose of our life is
absolute freedom (param mukti) from the cycle of absolute joy that leads to temporary joy by
materializing us into an object for everyone’s manipulation by charming us with their money power and
polluting our consciousness.

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Categories: Questions / Published On: October 20th, 2021 /