The dance is the science of formation that forms a circular wave through
conscious poses. The circular wave is the matter wave of the things that
matter for living a joyful life. The matter wave is known as Yogataranga in
India’s ancient scriptures and de Broglie wave in modern science. The thing
that matters to be an enjoyer (Rasiya) is the goal in life. The goal is conceived
as Maha Shiva in India’s ancient scriptures and Lakshya in modern language.
Lord Shiva is the param deity, the goalkeeper who keeps the goal of being an
enjoyer of the goals he conceives for transcending his reality and to be Maha
Shiva. Thus, dance is the metaphysical force of Lord Shiva that self-
perpetuates Shiva’s potential in the form of Maha Shiva.

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Categories: Questions / Published On: February 24th, 2022 /