Char Dhama mean four shelters that shelter our mind from the para-
conscious air we breathe our moment. The air we breathe transforms our
sense-making of the reality. If the air is hot, we are in a hurry to make sense
and move on; thus, para-consciously, we live a fresh life every moment
enjoying the present reality. It gives us the absolute joy, the freedom from
the present effects as we move with the evolving future, thus we realize
moksha. If the air is cold, we take time to process the sensory information;
thus, consciously, we become the subject observing and enjoying the past
reality. It gives us a temporary joy, the freedom from the future effects as
we remain static and let the air move to revolve the future around the
imaginary reality we construct with our creative sense-making. Thus, we
realize nirvana. If we use air conditioning to regulate the air temperature,
we become free from the past-effect. In this case, we choose to live the life
on our terms. The fire within us shapes whether we decide to remain active
and evolve the future with us or become inactive and let the present revolve
as the future by reforming the energy that already exists into new forms. If
we are active, we can enjoy the old wine in the old bottle and be happy with
the freshness of our mind; thus we realize mukti, the eternal joy. If we are
inactive, we can enjoy the new wine in the new bottle and be happy with the
integrity of our morality; thus we become a thing that gives illusionary joy
until others remain active and remain devoted to servicing their fire for our
psychic well-being.

Char dhama protect us from the entanglement within the culture that forces
us to deify others as God and be devoted to their sentient well-being as a
path for realizing our sentient well-being. They protect us from working hard
to make Elon Musk a trillionaire as a path for us to be a millionaire. They
open our mind and clarify our consciousness so that we can work normally
and enjoying being a millionaire, instead of working like a supernormal
human for the benefit of celebrity Gods like Elon Musk that leads to a rapid

entropy of our mental, intellectual, and physical well-being. They help us
transcend the dualities among the absolute, temporary, eternal, and
illusionary joys, and let us be the absolute enjoyer of the diversities of
diverse entities as the diverse beauties of nature gifted by Mother Nature.

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Categories: Questions / Published On: December 24th, 2021 /