Aham Brahmasmi means immanence. Immanence is within the consciousness as energy. Therefore, Aham Brahmasmi also means “I AM Energy”. I am energy energizing the creation as the creator manifesting the universe within my consciousness into the reality of a conscious entity. I am conscious of the purpose of my birth and the path to realizing that purpose. It is an affirmative principle activating the potential I have by recognizing that I am the energy to be anything, anybody, anyone I wish to be. The doctrine of Immanence is an idealized principle, guided by a belief in the law of attraction. Affirmation that one is energy is invoked as the mantra to gain energy, rather than to be the energy. Therefore, the duality in one’s consciousness limits the conscious benefits of immanence and makes one dependent on the Doctrine of Emanation, Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam, the idea that I am the matter that matters for anyone looking for energy because I consider each of you a member of my family and am concerned with your conscious well-being. I was the energy before I decided to be the matter, knowing that energy does not matter if everyone also decides to be energy. However, being energy is not the purpose of life. Channeling our energy by being who we are is the purpose of life. Of course, being energy can be the channel for fulfilling the purpose of life if one knows how to channel oneself as energy.

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Categories: Questions / Published On: November 12th, 2021 /