Tat Tvam Asi is the Doctrine of Creature, meaning I am the creature. It is you are that who created me
as a creation but I am affirming with my auditory excellence that I am the creature. As a creature, I
have a choice to be the creator who created me in his image or the creation who is devoted to the
creator and therefore expects the creator to reciprocate and be devoted to my conscious well-being.
Since I do not know the path to be the creator, I am showing my devotion to you by choosing the path
of the creation that I wish will make me the creator, because I can’t complete the path of the creation
without becoming who you are now. And, if you bless me to be the creator you are, I promise that I
will be devoted to your conscious well-being as my creation. Thus, Tat Tvam Asi is our bred oneness
with the creator who we have blessed with the power to create that we are and that we wish to
become. It leads one to eventually realize that one is more than that one has become since we are the
ones who gifted someone the title of the creator even though we are the creators of our mood, destiny,
divinity, and eternity.

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Categories: Questions / Published On: January 2nd, 2022 /