Tat Tvam Asi means I AM THE CREATURE. One activates this mantra guided by the Doctrine of Creature. It is about the immanent and bred oneness with the Almighty Creator as the breeder of infinite creatures. One affirms being creature for reaffirming that the breeder is always there for one’s conscious well-being as the creature. It acknowledges that You are the Almighty Creator and that you will have pity and compassion for the one claiming that he is there only to enjoy life as a creature and to consume what is there. It motivates you to become a producer and sacrifice your conscious well-being because you are conscious of your responsibility towards all creatures who are not able to take care of their conscious well-being. It motivates you to be the God to fill the void of the God. Once you behave like the God, it makes you a zero, wishing to find a God that will let you be the creature enjoying life.

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