Anu atma means atomic soul, i.e., atomic consciousness of the primordial oneness as
a flame of the Almighty Creator. It is the consciousness that we are the creation of
the flame of the Almighty Creator and the diverse forms of the creation are
essentially the same as the sameness of that flame. That flame becomes our
conscious body, i.e., the astral body, after making us the organization enjoying the
consciousness of the conscious body and reproducing that as our atomic
Vibhu atma means primordial sameness soul, i.e., primordial sameness
consciousness of the primordial-primordial oneness as a creation. It is the
consciousness that the essence of who we are is the same. It is the fractured
consciousness of us programming our conscious system within everyone, everything,
everybody. When we diffuse our energy, our energy impregnates each element in
the universe and programs our conscious system within each element. Each element
becomes a bit like us. Each element is a system of bits of information about
everything, everyone, everybody in the universe.

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Categories: Questions / Published On: January 7th, 2022 /