Vedanga are the six parts that guide the growth of materialism desired by Vedas. Upaveda are the six
parts that guide the growth of spiritualism desired by Upnishadas. Vedanta is the oneness of the twelve
main parts of the Upnishadas within the 13 th main Upnishada, i.e., Mundukya Upnishada that guides the
entropy of materialism by ending the prominence of Vedas and triangulating it with the entropy of
spiritualism by differentiating the collectivity of the twelve into the individuality of the ninety-six, guided
by one’s being energy (Kali shakti). The 13 th one personifies the being as a reproducing one, that
reproduces the supernatural essence of what’s there is in the first twelve that guide the growth of
realism. The reproducing one is the Mother Luminous (Kali). The differentiation took place during the
present era and that’s why the present era is known as Kali Yuga.

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Categories: Questions / Published On: October 24th, 2021 /