Pleasure means Rati in Sanskrit. Rati means the extrinsic taste of the Big Responsibility that makes one rejoice with being who one is. One takes pleasure in believing “I am whom I am” and behaving without minding your voice. Granted you have a voice and a strong wish to express the voice apparently for my conscious wellbeing. However, if I do not mind your voice, then I can live a life of a series of joys.

You do have a choice not to choose the path of extroversion, but instead take the path of introversion and begin speaking to yourself. Now, you put me in a fix because if I keep silent like a rock, I will end up making you a rockstar of the competition that is racing to the finish against time. By choosing to disrupt your path of introversion with the

path of extroversion you demonstrated to me earlier, I test your patience for listening to the two voices concurrently and focusing only on knowing “I” who makes me “who I am” to disrupt your joy.

Joy means Nirvana in Sanskrit. The joy is a temporary joy because I get to enjoy as long as I have the willpower to ignore your voice. I know you are in the race to win a Big Prize at the end of the competition that the Big Boss has promised you if you succeed in making me mind your voice. You are hitting a wall with me as I keep smiling while you are getting agitated and destroying your health, knowing that eventually you will need to go under the care of the doctors and I will be the sole survived. I will be the default winner.

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Categories: Questions / Published On: December 8th, 2021 /