Hinduism is a cosmic greeter, guided by the Doctrine of I am one within
nothing seeking everything with my life journey. It motivates one to
experience the infinite lifeforms so that one enjoys absolute consciousness of
the reality instead of relying on the borrowed consciousness from other divine
entities. It activates the potential of a divine entity within everyone. Hindutva
is the natural essence of Hinduism that forms our child nature, working to
experience the infinite forms through imagination within the present lifeform,
instead of seeking to live those diverse lifeforms over successive births.
Hindutva is the mantra for absolute freedom. Those who wish to dismantle
Hindutva have kept their imagination under lock in a safety box because they
prefer to delegate the responsibility for the life after death to a para deity.
Those who have dismantled Hindutva within them have found the key to make
Hinduism and Hindutva the same and to run away from both in search of the
para deity before it gets too late for them to get affirmation that the
responsibility will be executed by the agent (Para deity, i.e., God) per the
wishes of the principal (i.e., the runners, searching for the agent after
abdicating their responsibility).

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Categories: Questions / Published On: January 28th, 2022 /