Dharma is religion. Majahab is sect. A sect is doxy that challenges
orthodoxy. A doxy is an edict (Rajagya) for everyone to follow the belief
system decreed by the leader (Raja). The orthodoxy is the edification that
grants everyone a veto power to reject the decree by edifying the believer
who believes in deifying the leader. When the leader is the deified God,
the schisms that section the belief system into sects do not matter and the
orthodoxy always wins; the doxy never loses as it simply folds back into the
orthodoxy from which it originated after a leader fears challenge to his
authority. The challenge arises because religion is variable, it varies every
moment. Each moment presents the potential for a fresh correlation
among the creature, creation, and creator. The dimension for activating
the potential for change at each moment is the dharma. Our dharma is not
to be entangled with the past. The reality is not believing about what
possibly happened in the past or could happen in the

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future. It is behaving to
make things happen.


Categories: Questions / Published On: June 13th, 2022 /