Spirituality is the para materialism. It is the science of formation. A formed
thing is the materialism we can perceive with our sense organs. It forms a
gross physical body. To perceive is spiritual. We conceive what we
perceive with our lived experience that forms our subtle intellectual body.
To conceive is the calibration of materialism with spiritual. We form spiritual
with our belief system. We form our belief system by endowing
gravitational potential to our mental impressions.
When we impregnate our mental impressions into our lived experience, we
begin reproducing their reality within our consciousness. We perceive what
we believe is true. We conceive what we believe is necessary to calibrate
our version of the truth. Our version of the truth is the borrowed experience
that we have lived through the eyes of those we deem superior. It helps us
cover our inferiority. We believe in our inferiority because we believe that
as a creature, we are a creation of a creator who has created us for a
specific purpose: to enjoy life by making us the medium of his joy.
Therefore, we reproduce the class differentiation by becoming the judge of
what is enjoyable and worth experiencing as a researchable. A
researchable is beyond the spiritual that we perceive with our already
formed belief system. It is the spirituality that forms the belief system by
modifying our lived experience.
The spirituality narrows our lived experience because we use our lived
experience to judge the experience worth living again. Eventually, it
makes everyone a robot. A robot is a nobody, since the body of its
consciousness is indistinguishable from everybody.
As we become like everyone, we enjoy the awakening about our
uniqueness. We realize we have unique gifts that are not universal. In that
moment, we transcend the duality of materialism and spiritualism, the
evolutionary force of formation, and realize the divinity of our oneness as
the Almighty Creator of the present we experience in the material and
spiritual forms.

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Categories: Questions / Published On: May 8th, 2022 /