Sambhuti is the appropriateness of the existence of a substrate as a
manifest within a primordial greeter. A primordial greeter first manifests its
essence to be a manifestor of the manifestation manifested by transforming
the essence.
Asambhuti is the inappropriateness of the non-existence of the last as a
unmanifest within a primeval greeter. A primeval greeter at last brings the
unmanifested into the existence because its seed is already manifested
within the essence.
The two concepts together emphasize that the potential of the creation is
omnipresent within the creator. The potential of the creator makes a
creature omnipotent. The potential of a creature makes one omniscient. If
you know your potential as a creature, you are omniscient.

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Categories: Questions / Published On: May 7th, 2022 /