Pranami dharma is the inferiority dimension of the one receiving a pranami, the conscious gift
of superiority, from a guider who is making one’s capability reproductive by becoming a
Upahara dharma is the superiority dimension of one giving a upahara, the guider gift of
inferiority, to a guider with an expectation that the guider will reciprocate with the divine gift
of capability to be a follower as a compensation for the inferiority-effect.
Palala dharma is the reciprocal dimension for the exchange of divine gift of reciprocity with the
one giving the guider gift of inferiority after receiving the sentient gift of superiority from you.
The bottomline: Stop behaving like a guru and giving all that you have to others to become
zero. If you give everything, you receive nothing. If you exchange something of value to
others, make sure you accrue something of value to you.

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Categories: Questions / Published On: May 18th, 2022 /