Sanatana means ageless as a creation. Dharma means dimension that
one follows as a religion. Sanatana dharma means a religion that leads
to the ageless dimension of life by illuminating the responsibilities of an
impassioned devotee. An impassioned devotee is like a king who has
the freedom to decide one’s beliefs. A wise king believes in one’s
personal experience and learns from everyone’s personal experiences.
A guru embodies the wisdom gained through both the introversion of
the social experiences after its discovery and the extroversion of the
personal experience for its validation. Sanatana dharma is the ageless
dimension that offers the path of inversion for inverting one’s reality
from that of a follower to that of a leader, free from the limitations of
one’s belief system. The path of inversion is the path of introspection
like a leader instead of being blinded by the faith as a follower.

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Categories: Questions / Published On: December 10th, 2021 /