Raso Vai Sah means self-incubating taste of the goal as an impassioned
devotee who makes the para deity the goalkeeper and lets the goalkeeper
guide one’s actions. It works well as long as there is somebody willing to be
the goalkeeper servicing the taste of the goal’s fulfillment to you by trading
your actions whatever they might be. However, your dependence on the
goalkeeper may be exploited by anybody for their private benefit by
positioning themselves as the goalkeeper or the one mediating your oneness
with the goalkeeper. Therefore, a sensible mantra of life is raso raso aisa
rasa, mil jai rasiya, rah jai rasa. In other words, the taste that lets you be the
taste-maker, the conscious enjoyer of the taste you desire, instead of forcing
you to be a taste-taker, the reproductive enjoyer of the taste desirable to
somebody else.

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Categories: Questions / Published On: February 6th, 2022 /