The interfaith dialogue is using the power of debate for convincing others
about the superiority of one’s belief system. It works by first acknowledging
that every belief system has some common elements and some variable
elements. Those variable elements make each belief system unique. By
understanding what makes other belief systems unique, it allows the devotees
to make a judgement about the desirable unique elements for adding to one’s
belief system and the undesirable unique elements. After adding those
desirable unique elements from diverse belief systems, one becomes a vocal

advocate of why all religions need to be dismantled and only one world
religion needs to be followed and promoted—the one that was open to
learning in the past from the beliefs of others, but now has no need to
continue that learning and does not wish other belief systems to learn from it
because it is now the only one fit to be positioned as the world religion.

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Categories: Questions / Published On: January 29th, 2022 /