Devotion, bhakti, is the true capability one has for the outburst of energy that divides the devotee
factor, the base one is devoted to, into two. The half base becomes the God, i.e., overflowing
consciousness, trading the overflowing energy. The twin base that makes the half base whole base
becomes the Spirit servicing the belief system, i.e., the underflowing consciousness. The whole base is
the method power one gains by dividing the devotee factor. By reproducing the method power, one
becomes the devoted factor, the enjoyer of one’s true capability as a three-body system, one guided by
God as Father, second guided by spirit as Holy Spirit, and third guided by the method power as the
param son sequencing an infinity of sons and incarnating them one after another with his devotion. In
India, param son is known as Hanuman, the devotion personified.

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Categories: Questions / Published On: October 28th, 2021 /