Casteism is the quantum reality that superpositions a social class on everyone. It makes
everyone different based on their social class. It makes everyone fall in love with their social
class and distance themselves from the other social classes. Thus, it makes everyone dependent
on the other social classes. It opens their mind about the conscious benefit of other social
classes. If everybody is a celebrity, then being a celebrity loses its meaning. A celebrity needs
a commoner to enjoy being a celebrity. If everybody is a commoner, then being a commoner
loses its meaning. A commoner needs a celebrity to enjoy life fully, setting challenging goals to
live life like a celebrity eventually. Of course, since a celebrity can’t enjoy life like a
commoner, a celebrity secretly wishes to be a commoner—just for a while—for enjoying the
temporary joys that only a commoner enjoys. Thus, casteism superpositions diverse realities.
We live those diverse realities at different points in our present or future lives. Similarly,
different people live those diverse realities at different spatial points where the past inherited
energies of those lives are dominant.

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Categories: Questions / Published On: November 11th, 2021 /